Tuesday's Swim Report - A Look Back And A Touch of Pink In Today's Swimverse
Athlete Approved: Set-Up & Drive - Hip Driven Freestyle

I Don't Even Bother To Call Myself A Swimmer Anymore Workout

I headed to the pool for the first time since December 5th.  Work, laziness, work and then kidney stones kept from swimming.  I can't complain about work since I'm loving teaching spinning.  Last week I taught 14 one hour classes.  Normally I teach about 9 a week.  So swimming sometimes takes a back seat to spinning since I get paid to spin and not to swim.  For the time being I'm just going to get in a workout whenever I can.  Even if it's a quick one like today. 

Cuz' A Swim Is A Swim.  Normally I'd post my splits and all that from my Garmin Swim but for some reason it doesn't want to sync at all to my computer.  It gets that way when I haven't swam in a while.  I guess it gets lazy too. 

Warm Up

200SWIM 2:47

200 Pull w/d-band w/o paddles 2:48

200 Pull w/d-band w/paddles 2:43

200 Kick 4:14

10x50's Pulling w/d-dband w/paddles breathing every 4 on 55


Times are from my watch and don't show the hth's of a second and all that other stuff.  SO far 1.300 yards.  Debated what to do next.

So 3x50's Fly on 60

50 Warm down.  1,500 yards.  But at least I got in a swim.  I'm still recovering from my kidney stones and having some cramping issues.  But it's a start.  Start of what, I don't know. GtdytdMy ONLY SWIM goal for the rest of 2012 is to swim 4,338 yards so I can at least hit 200 miles for the year.  Way below the 300 I originally planned for and still short of my revised goal of 250 miles.  But I know I made up for those miles in spinning.

As I was leaving the pool a man said to me "You are a serious swimmer" to which I replied "I use to be."  Someday again I'd like to be a serious swimmer again.


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