World Aids Day
Saturday's Swim Report - The Hardy Boys & The Case Of The Masked Swimmer

I'd Rather Be Sleeping But Swimming Won Out This Morning.

It's a new month!  With 21 days to the end of the world I hope I can get in a few more swims.  So last night I went to bed and set 4 different alarm times on my iPhone to wake me up.  Actually I was foolish to set it really really early. Why?  I don't remember.  But I was tossing and turning from about 3:30am to about 5:00am so when my first alarm went off soon after that it was an hour and twenty Decminutes of battling snoozing. 

I got to the pool and had a workout all waiting for me.  Which was good since I wasn't feeling ready to swim. 

Warm Up
500.  I didn't start the Garmin Swim to after the 1st 25.  I was still sleepy.  I swam a 200 then it was time to play with my D-Band Pulling Band.  Pulled a 100 w/o paddles then a 200 w/paddles.  Hmm...the Garmin Swim has me a 525 so maybe I got in an extra 50.  I was chatting it up from time to time so maybe.  Let's say 500 though.

200 Kick.  The workout called for a 300 but I'm teaching spinning in a bit so I didn't want to use my legs that much this early.  (200/700)

400 Swim pushing laps 4, 8, 12 and 16.  (400/1100)

Time:     5:23
Avg Pace:     1:21 min/100 yd

6x100's Free on 1:30.  Descending 2,  4 and 6 (600/1700)

I missed starting the watch on my 1st 100 but when I looked it was a 1:21
1    1:18.6     100     1:18
2    1:19.8     100     1:20
3    1:14.2     100     1:14
4    1:21.9     100     1:22
5    1:09.9     100     1:10

Then just did 4x50's pulling with d-band no paddles.  Drill 1 and 3 with catch up and just swim 2 and 4.  The actually set was 8x50's choice drill/swim.  Meh! (200/1900)

So a 1,900 yard workout.  Better then nothing.  Now breakfast and spinning. GtdI am so not going to make my yearly Go The Distance goal.  But I should get to 200.  I guess that is something.


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