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Joe's Lungbuster Workout

There are a few things going on in this workout – the first is the 200 pull.  The breathing restriction is to get those lungs warmed up (or worn out!) and prep for the 100s.  The 200 is pull w/ paddles and you should breathe only every 5th stroke and DO NOT breathe into or out of the walls (flags to wall, wall to flags).  For an extra bonus, take TWO strokes after your turn before you breathe.  UGH.
The 100s are fairly straight forward.  Descend 1-3 .  Make sure your descending is consistently 2-4 seconds per 100, not 1 second on #1 & #2 and then drop 14 seconds on the third one.  This is meant to be a steady increase in efforts.

The four fifties are IM order and true to my training, I worked them hard.  We actually ended up doing them IM order by 25 (25 fly/25 back, back/breast, breast/free, free/fly) instead of as a 200 IM broken.  However, they are not intended to be ‘hard’ (everything is quality when we swim, right?) but more act as muscle confusion – you’ve just done a 500 free, now switch muscles and try to not die.

The lung buster is more pull and breath work. A lung buster is a nice way to get some yards in and keep your body moving.  The key is to make it mean something; not just go through the motions.  You can opt to breathe the pattern by 25 or 100 (until I met a friend of mine a few years ago I’d never done a lung buster by 25; I was SO glad to learn of it!)

The 75s at the end are intended to go out with a bang.  As usual, the emphasis is on the kick, but as a bonus we worked the middle 25 of the 75s we swam.  Nothing like a little extra.

A 200 easy closes it out.  Oh and if so desired, cut it back from 4 rounds of the main set to 3.


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