Joe's Back To Basics Workout
The 17 Days Of Swimming. Day Fourteen - TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard

Kicking Made Easier, Yeah Right! It's All Joe's Fault!

Rut Oh! Good thing I swam or I wouldn't have noticed I forgot to post "Joe's Back To Basics Workout." LINK   If you haven't noticed the last two Monday's fellow swimmer Joe Denton has been posting workouts as a Guest Swimmer so since he's posting them I decided to try and swim one of them.  Try being the key word! MondayHey look cycling!  I can import from my Wahoo Bluetooth HR Monitor to Garmin now.  Of course I gotta remember to start my iPhone app to get it to work.  I didn't notice till almost 1/2 way into class.  Oh well!  I did teach spinning this morning at 8:15 so that is 52 minutes of work!  As for my swimming I totally screwed up with the Garmin Swim.  Well it's not all my fault some of the problem was that it's really not for swimming mixed sets of kick/drill/swim.  The modes between drill and swim require too many button pushes and math and when you are getting about 5 seconds of rest on the wall who has time to do math and hit buttons and toggle between modes?  It's really for lap swimmers who just swim countless mindless laps. 

So let's see what did I swim.  I pulled a 200 without paddles and 100 with paddles all using the d-band pulling band.  LOVE IT!  Then I did a 100 kick using my new kickboard and no fins.  So just a 400 Warm up. 

Main Set!  Okay so I didn't do the set exactly as Joe wrote down.  I was pressed for time since I go back to work and later teach spinning again.  I need some down time in between.  Hey, I'm old!  So I skipped the 75's.

50 on 45 Swim Pace Free
2x25's Kick on 30
1x100 on 1:30 Pace Free
4x25's Kick on 30
200 on 3 Pace Free
8x25's Kick on 30
300 on 4:30 Pace Free
12x25's Kick on 30

A 1,300 yard main set.  Of course it should have been a 2,600 yard set as one is to swim it twice.  Umm..yeah right!  I was doing pretty well getting around 5 seconds rest on the 25's and more on the swimming.  I was like a 1:21, 2:25 and a 3:50ish.  Not bad but not great.  Swimming in the afternoon sun is hard!  Well hot!  I'm still boiling out and I've been out of the water for a bit.  It's too damn hot right now! 

The interesting thing about the set was that during the 300 swim I was going to my feet/legs and kicking more then I normally would have.  I think those 25's got my legs working and it being so little time in between my legs just keep moving.  Nice little trick that he did to get me kicking.  For the last 12x25's I put on my fins for the last 6 and somehow hit the pause button on the Garmin Swim.  I was kicking and realized it was paused.  Oh well!

I might have to try this workout again but do it the full way that Joe suggested!  It's the Joel vs Joe Weekly Swim Matchup!  Who swam it better?  Stay Tuned!

Month    Total Distance
Jan    26.14 miles (=46,000 yards, =42,062 meters)
Feb    21.68 miles (=38,150 yards, =34,884 meters)
Mar    19.36 miles (=34,075 yards, =31,158 meters)
Apr    14.29 miles (=25,150 yards, =22,997 meters)
May    18.67 miles (=32,853 yards, =30,041 meters)
Jun    11.16 miles (=19,650 yards, =17,968 meters)
Jul    17.97 miles (=31,625 yards, =28,918 meters)
Aug    21.08 miles (=37,100 yards, =33,924 meters)
Sep    17.59 miles (=30,950 yards, =28,301 meters)
Oct    17.99 miles (=31,659 yards, =28,949 meters)
Nov    7.47 miles (=13,150 yards, =12,024 meters)
Dec    2.05 miles (=3,600 yards, =3,292 meters)
Total    195.43 miles (=343,962 yards, =314,519 meters)


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