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Effortless Swimming - The Two Biggest Kicking Mistakes

Monday's Swim Report - Swimitarian Of The Pool

Lane 1 - Europe Online posts "FINA: All 518 Olympic doping tests return negative.  All 518 doping tests carried out on athletes in aquatic events at the London 2012 Olympics returned negative, the sport‘s governing body FINA said on Sunday. The FINA said ahead of next week‘s short course world championships in Istanbul that Olympic athletes from pool, open water and synchronised swimming, diving and water polo underwent 433 urine tests and 85 blood tests."   

Lane 2 - RTV posts via youtube " Battle of Sexes hits pool as Euros feature mixed relays.  Russia's fast-rising swimmer Vladimir Morozov says mixed-gender relays are 'fun', as the new event hopes to enter World Championships and Summer Olympics."

Lane 3 - ComputerWorld posts "NSW Institute of Sport casts IP camera eye on swimmers.  Captured camera data will be used to help state swimmers prepare for 2016 Olympics.  A swimmer takes to the pool in Sydney’s Aquatic Centre. As he or she glides through the water, four IP cameras installed in the roof capture body movements and times — vital information when 628x471preparing for the Olympic Games where even a split second can mean the difference between winning gold or silver.  NSW Institute of Sport ICT manager Greg Baxter told Computerworld Australia that the cameras help coaches analyse swimmers' strokes and also reveal if a swimmer can keep a straight line in the pool."

Lane 4 - The Mirror posts " Whoops! Olympic great Ellie Simmonds' name spelt wrong on Walk of Stars honor.  Her surname appeared as Simmons on the replica gong but the four-time champ ignored the mistake at a glitzy ceremony."

Lane 5 - Albany Times Union posts "Santa Speedo Sprint 2012"

Lane 6 - 7 News posts 'Ian Thorpe wins human rights award.  Olympic champion Ian Thorpe has won this year's Australian Human Rights Medal for his charity work with Indigenous children.  The Australian Human Rights Commission says Thorpe has been a "passionate advocate for Indigenous people" for over a decade.  Thorpe's charity, Fountain For Youth, works with Indigenous children in the Northern Territory across 20 communities, with a focus on health and education.  The charity looks to address what it says is "a human crisis in our own backyard".  Australia HRC posts via youtube " Acceptance speech - Ian Thorpe - 2012 Human Rights Awards winner.  Ian Thorpe is the winner of the 2012 Human Rights Medal, presented by the Australian Human Rights Commission."

Lane 7 - Gay Star News posts "Making a splash: San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics
GSN meets one of the world’s first LGBT aquatics clubs.  With major events such as the Gay Games and the World Out Games now well established fixtures on the sporting calendar, and a growing number of LGBT sports clubs in countries around the world, GSN catches up with one of the teams that started it all - San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics."

Lane 8 - Chicago Tribune posts "Berlin is dripping with pools.  Winter or summer, it's a swimmer's dream.  This city is a lap-swimming dream. With almost three dozen pools — some you might call pool palaces — spread throughout Berlin, a swimmer never needs to go far, winter or summer. I chose to swim my laps at pools within easy biking distance from my host's Prenzlauer Berg apartment, plus the 1936 Olympic stadium pool in a different part of the city.  Berlin pools are gloriously long and crystal clear. Water temperatures don't stray far from a sublime 82 degrees."


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