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The 17 Days Of Swimming. Day Fourteen - TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard

I hate kicking, I hate kicking, I hate kicking!  I know it's good for me but I still hate kicking.  Long before I was teaching a billion spinning classes a week I wasn't a big fan of kicking.  Now that I teach spinning I don't want to kick at all.  But since I know it's good for me I recently decided to purchase a kickboard.  The all new TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard.  Why?  Because of this video…

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  •  Designed for Elite Athletes, the Hydrofoil Kickboard Offers a Very Natural Body Position While Training
  •  The Convex Base Promotes a Natural Roll With Your Hips, Torso and Shoulders Through the Water, Making for a Very Realistic Kicking Experience
  •  Hand Cutouts Provide Proper Placement for Extended Arms

I gotta admit I'm always on the hunt for new swim things to make my workouts more enjoyable and easier.  Just watching this video I could hear years of coaches words in my head about body rotating and all that stuff.  So I went to the TYR site right away.  But at that time they had no "Add To Cart" button so I emailed them waiting to see if the kickboard was yet available.  After a week without hearing anything from TYR I headed over to the good folks at and ordered it.  And 372324152_640what do I think?

Well the one thing I noticed off the bat is how light it is and how small it is.  Which is what I like when I'm digging for a kickboard in the kickboard pile.  Recently the pool got these longer dense kickboards and since they are new everyone likes them.  Me I am always going back to the storage room and looking for the smaller older kickboards.  For as much as I hate kicking I know what I like in a kickboard. 

How Does It Feel In The Water?  Light!  It was super comfortable just kicking away.  I was swimming or kicking a bit more then usual and faster then I like (the workout) and the board  just always felt great.  Goldilocks would have approved!  It's light enough and strong enough so that you can swoop it like a big fin when you get to the wall (pulling but that would be cheating so call it swooping) the board is also perfect for when you push off underwater streamline with the kickboard. Some kickboards bend and just feel awkward when swooping and stream lining but the Hydrofoil held up strong.

Because it is convex it makes it easier to Mqdefaultkeep a slight body roll while you kick.  With regular flat boards you kick flat or you try to roll your body only to tweak your lower back. So in theory it should help me with my bodyroll or to develop a bodyroll in my swim.

Now this board won't make me a fan of kicking anytime soon but it did make it a lot more comfortable. 

And with the shape and it's color black it just looks so cool like a stealth airplane.  So it's got the coolness factor.  Now only if they could add in little jets to make me faster!

If you think the Hydrofoil is the kickboard for you head on over to to buy it! Tyr-hydrofoil-kickboard-18497-61z


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