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The 17 Days Of Swimming. Day Fifteen - The Gift of Books

Simple right?  There must be a ton of books on swimmers?  Yes and no.  But with the help of some swimming elfs from a few years ago here is a list of some swim books.  It's not a complete list so if you know of any more feel free to list the title and author in the comments.  Thanks!

Petria Thomas    Against the Tide
Dara Torres    Age is just a number
Gertrude Ederle     America's Girl
Michael Phelps    An Epic Olympic Journey
Michael Phelps    Beneath the Surface
Greg Louganis    Breaking the Surface
0000310_by_a_fraction_of_a_second_by_lois_melina_300Lois Ruskai Melina    By a Fraction of a Second
Summer Sanders    Champions Are Raised, Not Born
Ryk Neethling    Chasing the Dream
Steve Clark    Competitive swimming as I see it
Mark Spitz    Complete Book of Swimming
Don Schollander    Deep Water
Donna de Verona    Donna de Varona Gold Medal Swimmer
Natalie Coughlin    Golden Girl
Don Schollander    Inside Swimming
Kieren Perkins    Kieren Perkins
Sam Riley    Life of Riley
Don Talbot    Nothing but the best
Jeff Commings    Odd Man Out
W Hodding Carter    Off the Deep End
Susie O'Neill    Our Champion
Penny Heynes    Penny Heynes
Mark Spitz    Seven Golds
Jeff Farrell    Six days to swim
Pauline Maroney    Susie: A Mothers Story
Don Gambril    Swimmer And Team
G Leyshon    Swimmers
Rosemary Freas    Swimming Just for Laughs
025003Johnny Weissmuller    Swimming the American crawl
Lynn Cox    Swimming to Antarctica
Sherm Chavoor    The 50-meter jungle
Captain Webb    The Art of Swimming
Doc Counsilman    The Complete Book of Swimming
Kathy Watson    The Crossing
Ken Knox    The Dawn of Swimming
Ian Thorpe    The Journey
Bernard Bede Kieran    The Sobraon Wonder
Michael Phelps    The Untold Story of a Champion
Tracey Wickham    Treading Water
Shane Gould    Tumble Turns
Haley Scot    What Though The Odds
Brooke Hanson    When Silver is Gold
Nadine Neumann    Wobbles


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