Thursday's Swim Report - Now With 25% More Holly Jolly

The 17 Days Of Swimming. Day Seventeen - My Swim Bag Wish List

Well due my bad planning this really is Day 18 since I had two Day 5's in a row.  Opps!  So I've listed 17 Swim Related things that I've used in the last year but now it's time for a few Swim Thingies that I want!

ForearmLane 1.  Forearm Paddles from Athlete Approved - "The Forearm paddles are specially designed to help swimmers understand how to use a high-elbow catch. They can be used for all four strokes. The paddles start at the fingers and go down to the forearm. They are perfect for beginners to elite athletes to teach and reinforce technique. They are also great to building strength in the upper body."  19.99 USD Available at

Lane 2.  Sporti Training Swim Fins from Swim Oulet. - "Soft, flexible, and comfortable enough to log countless hours in the pool, the Sporti Training fins are a must have for your swimming workouts. Featuring a short blade, these fins won't overstrain your muscles so you can focus on a proper kick to propel you through the water as fast as possible. Each fin size has its Finsown distinct color, so there's no wasting time finding your perfect fit.

• 2-toned
• Shorter blade to aid proper kicking form
• Each size has its own distinct blade color
• Flexible foot pocket
• Closed ankle provides extra support
• Fins float to the surface
• Easy on and off
• Sizing is based on men's shoe sizes
• 100% Rubber
• Imported"

Why these?  Well a swim mate of mine wears them and I tried them on.  They seems to be a lot more comfortable then my Yellow/Golden Zoomers.  Or course now these won't match the color of my paddles or d-band but alas color is good!  Available at

Lane 3.  TYR Men's Full Zip Event Hoodie.  "Men's Full Zip Event Hoodie offers warmth without bulk. Built for the elements, this sweatshirt features a banded bottom and banded cuffs to block cold air, an attached 3-Piece Hood for coverage and front hand warmer pockets for warmth. Inspired by the raw ambition of sport, The Event Zip Up Sweatshirt is designed for people who like making themselves stronger, faster and more comfortable. The perfect go-to piece when the UnicornsAndRainbowsFullcompetition has ended."  65.99 USD Available at

Lane 4. Mesh Equipment Bag.  I don't know why I don't have someone so practical and so cheap but I don't own a Mesh Equipment Bag. has Speedo Mesh Equipment Bag is assorted solid colors.  With its comfortable and sturdy Nylon shoulder straps, this ventilated mesh equipment bag will be a pleasure to carry no matter how full you stuff it.   If you need more then just a splash of color has some great designs including my personal favorite!

Lane 5.  LifeProof Case. A LifeProof case for my iPhone 4S.  I'd like one for my iPad Mini but they don't have one yet.  Why?  So I can film underwater of course!  Plus I wouldn't be afraid using it on the pool deck.

Lane 6. FINIS Freestyle Snorkel.  Another item that has been on my Wish List for several years.  But between buying new swim suits, goggles and other daily must haves the snorkel is always on the Snorkswish list.  "The front-mounted Freestyle Snorkel is the first snorkel designed specifically for freestylers. The new design allows triathletes, sprinters and long-distance freestylers to achieve a lower head position to further optimize body position and achieve faster times." -  Maybe this will be the year I break down and buy one.  Check more at

Lane 7.  Arena PADDLEBALL OL.  Living in Florida we don't have many really cold mornings but when we do I have my Swim Parka.  But what about those almost cold mornings?  I don't really have much which is why I'm wishing for the Arena PADDLEBALL OL this holiday season.  It seems to be unisex but like that really matters.  What matters is that it is a hoodie!  Which is great to cover pre-workout just out of bed head and post-workout my hair is wet!  It only comes in black but that is a good thing so it'll look clean after a few Gatorade spills.  Available at 90 USD.

Lane 8.  Athletic Foodie Kitchen Apron.  Come on and show your support for the Athletic Foodie with this cool apron.  Real Olympic Medals Sold Separately.  Sold via Facebook.

I could list about 100 small items from specific books, swim clinics, iOS apps and tons of gadgets but enough is enough for me.  So what about you feel free to comment on your Holiday Wish List Swim Items!


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