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Telenet Swimmer directed by Manu Coeman

The 17 Days Of Swimming. Day Sixteen - Mission Skincare

Between swimming, running, spinning and gym going my skin and hair take a beating.  To combat all this heavy wear and tear I use various Mission Skincare products. 

When running or spinning I prepare for a long workout with 5-Hour Anti-Chafe Cream.  All that moving can slowly torture you during a workout and the silicone and tea-tree oil-based 5-Hour 6a010536c802e2970b01348470401c970c-800wiAnti-Chafe Cream is perfect for preventing chaffing and irritations. 

When running or swimming outdoors I reach for two sunscreen products.  First off is the SPF 30 No Sting Sunscreen Facestick.  You just rub the facestick and go.  It's UV/UVB coverage is clinical proven not to sting eyes.  Which is important while out running!  Next up is the Sun Deafeated Continious Spray 50.  Fast-drying, no-rub and no-mess.  No more asking a stranger on deck to "rub it in". 

After the shower I got two more products before I'm done.  First off the Rejuvenating Face Moisturizer.  Oil-free formula!  Rejuvenating Face Moisturizer contains Aloe, extract of Ginger Root, Ginseng, Lemon Peel, Rosehip, Grapefruit and Jojoba.  After a workout in the water and in the sun this is like a slice of heaven!  Up next Food Rehab Cream.  After a run or a spin my feet are tired.  Foot Rehab Cream brings them back to life.  It's Deoplex and Pepermint oil also help control odor and soothe hot, tired feet. 

That is my daily regiment.  Mission Skincare has a lot more workout related skincare products no matter what sport you play.  Hey, if it's good enough for Olympian Amanda Beard it's good enough for you and I.

Meet Olympic Gold Medalist and Mission Athlete Partner Amanda Beard.


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