Just Another Morning Swim
The 17 Days Of Swimming. Day Sixteen - Mission Skincare

Wednesday's Swim Report - Phelps Buys Horse To Start Water Polo Leaque

Lane 1 - Triathlete Europe posts "Olympic Swimmer Makes a Splash With MILK.  Olympic swimmer makes a splash with MILK skincare.  Michael Klim is best known as one of Australia’s most successful swimmers of all time. He is a world champion, a world record holder and three-time Olympian (with medals from all three, including two gold). Milk is Michael’s latest 1-1024x540triumph, here’s his story: “Australia’s climate is pretty harsh, and that coupled with hours in the pool, made looking after my skin tough. I couldn’t find a product that was right for me, so I made my own. It’s called Milk. A fresh, easy-to-use set of products, made using natural marine-based ingredients (such as brown seaweed and algae extracts). Personally researched, tested and created by me. Milk is about helping guys feel good about their skin and relaxed about taking care of it. I’ve really enjoyed developing it and I know you’ll enjoy using it”  MILK is a savvy and relaxed set of men’s skincare products, created with the highest quality marine-based ingredients, filling a gap in premium, yet affordable men’s skin care."

Lane 2 - The Baltimore Sun posts "Michael Phelps visits Graham Motion at Maryland training center.  Olympic champion Michael Phelps has interest in horse racing thanks to coach Bob Bowman.  Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time and current Canton dweller, Phelps_horseheaded north to visit another of the state's most successful sportsmen, horse trainer Graham Motion.  Phelps and Bowman have talked about buying a horse, though I don't believe they've done so as of yet. They've talked with California-based trainer Bob Baffert about conditioning the horse, but maybe they'll decided to stay closer to home."

Lane 3 - Trinidad Express posts "In-form Bovell gearing up for World Championships.  If ace Trinidad and Tobago swimmer George Bovell III has his way, something special could be right around the corner, with the FINA World Short Course Championships due to swim off on December 12-16 in Istanbul, Turkey.  Bovell left T&T yesterday evening for Turkey, where he will try to get a few days' rest and fine tune preparations for the meet."  Meanwhile Trinidad and Tobago Newsday posts "Bovell III now ambassador for Atlantic.  THE Western Hemisphere’s largest liquid natural gas producer, Atlantic, recently signed four- time Olympian and national swimmer George Bovell III as the company’s official Sports Ambassador."

Lane 4 - Telegraph posts "Rebecca Adlington to discuss issues with British Swimming with chief executive David Sparkes.  David Sparkes, the chief executive of British Swimming, will meet Rebecca Adlington next week to discuss her concerns about the sport’s future direction after the former double Olympic champion launched a scathing attack on the lack of consultation with competitors during a recent inquiry into the failings of the GB squad at London 2012."

Lane 5 - Swimming World posts "Masters World Records Tumble in Long Beach.  Matt Biondi breaks world record in Masters debut; Five swimmers break multiple records."

Lane 6 - Youtube posts "Dara Torres, The Haul.  Dara Torres showing off her huge HAUL from Kohl's."

Lane 7 - HLN posts via youtube "'If you can't stand up, stand out!'  She's a competitive swimmer, a graphic designer and all her friends call her the "flirt." Her name is Mia Schaikewitz and she just so happens to be in a wheelchair, too. And three of her friends also happen to be in wheelchairs, but this isn't what defines them.The group is starring in a new reality show called "Push Girls," which airs Mondays at 10pm ET on the Sundance Channel, and they hope to show people just how they "roll."

Lane 8 - Tressugar posts "Books by Inspiring Female Olympians on Age, Body Image, and More.  In the Water They Can't See You Cry: A Memoir.  Swimmer Amanda Beard chronicles her struggle with depression and self-abuse in her memoir, In the Water They Can't See You Cry…Age Is Just a Number.  From her buzzed-about Olympic comeback to defying age stereotypes, Dara Torres covers it all in Age Is Just a Number: Achieve Your Dreams at Any Stage in Your Life."


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