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Cherry Picking Those Pesky and Way Too Fast Swim Intervals

Swimming?  Remember that thing I use to do four times a week?  Yeah, me neither.  But I remember a pool being around here somewhere so I headed over to it this afternoon after napping and lunch.  Before heading over I printed up an old workout from WH20's Friday night 60 minute workout from 2007/8ish.  Once at the pool I found it empty which it stayed the whole time! BA1ywR7CUAAOZSz.jpg_largeI skipped the deep end kicking since the pool isn't deep enough for deep end kicking.  Here is the main set:

Main Set takes about 30 minutes   
150    2x75 - 50 free/25 fly    110/115/120
100    2x50 - 25 back/25 free    45/50/55
100    4x25 breast    30/35/40
100    100 IM    130/145/200
100    100 free    130/140/200
150    2x75 - 50 free/25 back    110/115/120
100    2x50 - 25 breast/25 free    50/55/100
100    4x25 fly    25/30/35
100    100 IM    130/145/200
100    100 free    130/140/200
150    2x75 - 50 free/25 breast    115/120/125
100    2x50 - 25 fly/25 free    45/50/55
100    4x25 back    25/30/35
100    100 IM    130/145/200
100    100 free    130/140/200

So I sorta did the medium lane intervals with a few of the slow lane intervals.  In fect I think I fucked up the intervals more then once and even went slower then the slow lane intervals.  Oh well!  I was alone with the Garmin Swim Watch which is pretty damn pointless!

I warmed up a 200 pull w/o paddles then a 200 pull w/paddles.  Both using the d-band pulling band which I still think is the best invention since slice bread! 

Then I did the set above.  I used the Garmin Swim but what it recorded is all fucked up!  Damn that thing!  Unless you are swimming freestyle and never stopping the thing works.  If you stop a lot for intervals and do different strokes then it is pointless.  Piece of shit!  I still recomend it for lap swimmers but other then that I wouldn't bother. 

I did all my 75's on 1:15.  I messed up the first round and went from 50's to 100 IM then realized I skipped the 25's I did them before the 100 free.  The 100 free intervals sorta were me just rounding the clock to the top so one was 1:40 and one at 1:50.  The breast/free 50's I just couldn't remember when I left so I think I did two of them on 1:05.  The last set the first 50 I did back/free instead of fly/free.  My mind was elsewhere.  I kept thinking to myself how bad it was that I was swimming and struggling on medium lane times!  OY!


What I use in that situation is a little dive slate - do you know them? Very cheap, and you can write it all down either in advance or as you go along...

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