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Tuesday's Swim Report - Stay Focusin, This pill reduces swim-clownism by 44 percent.

It's Time For Joe's "I'm Not A Slacker" Weekly Workout

This week's workout is a little less on the side of 'back to basics' and more on the 'put some effort in to is, slacker!'.

See below:

600 warm up
4x 75 Kick / Drill / Swim by 25

5 x 200s swim with Paddles (no bouy)     @2:30 (or a challenging pace that gets you about 15-20 seconds rest)
Try to build each one to a hard pace WITHOUT using the first part of the 'next' one as a slow moving recovery!

the main set it twice through:

6 x 100     odds IM (or stroke) evens free     @1:30
6 x 75     Odds Back/Breast/Free, evens kick     @:15 seconds rest

200 EZ

so the yardage is 4200 and it's not all that hard, I did this on Sunday.

I recently started doing more swim with paddles.  I don't know why I feel like it's helping, but I do.  I find that for me, I tend to pull A LOT and so taking the buoy off and using my kick while still enjoying (and dreading) the pain of the paddles has helped me think more about my whole body when I'm swimming.  Getting up to a good hard clip isn't that tough either - the trick here (and I'm SO guilty of this) is to not let yourself then use the beginning of the next one as recovery...  try to pace out your effort a bit more so that you can recover and repeat.

The main set is two things - the first is that the 100s are HARD after a while. Well, the IM/stroke.  They should be a fairly quick send off (maybe more of a 10-15 second type rest) and then the free sort of becomes a recovery thing, but still  - try to keep your pacing going.  The 75s kick just hurt.  :)

My name is Joe Denton, I am a 41 year old swimmer in Seattle Washington.  I've been swimming competitively since I was 11 (with an 8 year break in the middle somewhere) and find the pleasure to be worth the sacrifice.  I swim with a  few local master's teams in the Seattle area and also on my own due to scheduling conflicts.  Because of that, I end up writing a lot of my own workouts which is something I've recently discovered I really enjoy.  I end up reading a lot about the training techniques that are being developed and in my free time watch training videos on YouTube and other sites. My workouts tend to focus on stroke as I am primarily and IM'er, but I also do a fair amount of distance free training as I swim a few open water distance events as well (but those workouts tend to be in the spring/summer).


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