Saturday's Swim Report - Battle of the Budgie Smugglers!
Sunday's Swim Report - Diving Into The Pink

Trying That Swim Stuff Again.

To swim or not to swim is not the guestion.  The guestion is how do I find the time and energy to swim.  Spin, spin, spin is my mantra these days.  Teaching 10 classes in a week is taking it's toll on my swimming.  I love to teach spin but I gotta at some point get use to spinning and find time for swimming.  It's the 27th of the month and I had only swam 6 times with a wimpy total of 10,000 yards.  Which I'll admit I was thinking this morning while swimming that I better at least swim 10,000 yards this month.  But before I went swimming I went running.  In 3 months a few of us will be running a 12K together.  So we are getting together Sunday mornings and running.  This morning I was 4 miles. Polo_map Graph4 miles use to be nothing but these days it a bit long for me.  Actually mile one felt bad after that it was okay.  I could have ran 5 miles.  On my last lap around the Polo Field I kept thinking how I miss the Thursday night Nike Run Club at the Beverly Hills Nike store.  That way I ran at least 5 miles once a week.  I need to get to that again.  Just for cross training reasons.  But then again when do I find the time.  I do need to let my body recover from spinning and weight training.  OY! 

The Swim!  So after running I stopped at home to change and get more water/G2.  Grabbed my gear and headed to the pool.  I was the only person there at first.  I filmed a quick vid on Vine of the empty pool.  By the time I got my gear to my lane and filled in some liability paper work for swimming in 2013 other swimmers started to show up.  I got in a 700 yard warm up mostly pulling without paddles. 

8x50's on 60 (4 kicking / 4 kick/drill)  (400/1100)

Main Set:

2x175's Odds Catch Up / Evens Swim on 3 Minutes

4x125's Pace on 2:30 (maybe?  i forgot the interval)

4x75's Swim on 1:20.  1st one sprint last 25, 2nd one sprint middle 25, 3rd one sprint first 25 and last one all fast) (1,150/2,250)

Distance:     1,150 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     18:53
Avg Pace:     1:18 min/100 yd
Calories:     227 C
Avg Efficiency :     31
Avg SWOLF :     28

1    2:28.0     175     1:24
2    2:20.1     175     1:20
3    1:35.2     125     1:16
4    1:32.7     125     1:14
5    1:33.3     125     1:15
6    1:35.6     125     1:17
7    :56.8     75     1:16
8    :58.1     75     1:17
9    :59.1     75     1:19
10    :52.7     75     1:10

Meh.  So 2,250 yards.  Not great but better then nothing.  Haven't swam in over a week.  I am so out of swim shape.  So sad!  At least I am swimming.  But since I'm not swimming very much and not at all close to fast I'm skipping the Valentine's Swim Meet I've gone the last two years to down in Clearwater.  I'm saving myself the horror of finishing dead last!  I was thinking of going just to see how I'm doing but I know that answer.  BADLY!  Something has got to change next month or I'll be skipping IGLA this summer and I really don't want to.  I gotta find the time. GtdI need to swim at least 15,000 yards this month.  Anything less is just sad!  Note to self:  Wake up Wednesday and swim!

Oh in other swim related stuff.  The fine folks at Swim Spray has sent me a little care package of Swim Spray to test out and blog about.  428344_10151293820824737_855924425_nSo after I was done swimming I used Swim Spray in the shower.  Now one use isn't going to be enough for me to judge the product on but so far I like it.  I don't have the smell of the pool on me.  Usually that is all I can smell.  In fact my hair smells sorta nice and I didn't even use conditioner.  I'll be using it for the next 30 days so I'll be posting about it and giving my final okay or no way verdict then. 


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