It's Time For Joe's "I'm Not A Slacker" Weekly Workout
Top Of The Swim To You: Brighton Swimming Club

Tuesday's Swim Report - Stay Focusin, This pill reduces swim-clownism by 44 percent.

Lane 1 - The Wall Street Journal posts "I Have to Swim Against Her?  Missy Franklin Is Racing for Her High School—Which Is Fun Unless You Are Facing Her.  In recent memory, no one as accomplished as Franklin has ever followed up on Olympic domination by returning to high school to lap ordinary 14-year-old freshmen. What made this possible was her decision last year to forgo an estimated $3 million a year in endorsements to remain amateur, a choice that suggested that no amount of money could corrupt her pursuit of an ordinary adolescence."

Lane 2 - Australian Olympic Team posts via youtube " AYOF perfect path to Olympics for swimmers: Lauterstein.  Andrew Lauterstein won three medals at the Beijing Olympic Games. At the 2013 AYOF he is mentoring the future stars of swimming as an Athlete Ambassador."

Lane 3 - NY Times posts "Training Insights From Star Athletes.  Stay Focused.  Like many distance swimmers who spend endless hours in the pool, Natalie Coughlin, 30, used to daydream as she swam laps. She’d been a competitive swimmer for almost her entire life, and this was the way she — and many others — managed the boredom of practice.  But when she was in college, she realized that daydreaming was only a way to get in the miles; it was not allowing her to reach her potential. So she started to concentrate every moment of practice on what she was doing, staying focused and thinking about her technique.  “That’s when I really started improving,” she said. “The more I did it, the more success I had.”

Lane 4 - ESPN posts "Six cities bid for U.S. swim trials.  Former hosts Omaha and Indianapolis are among six cities bidding to host the 2016 U.S. Olympic swimming trials.  The other contenders announced Monday are Greensboro, N.C., Jacksonville, Fla., St. Louis and San Antonio, Texas. The winning city will be announced in late April.  An evaluation team from USA Swimming, along with an outside member of the governing body's board, will visit each location and select finalists from the group. A recommendation then will be forwarded to the group's executive director, Chuck Wielgus, the board of directors and the U.S. Olympic Committee."

Lane 5 - Yannick Wolff posts via youtube "Watch My Shoot - Yannick Lebherz.  Episode of "Watch My Shoot" with the olympic swimmer Yannick Lebherz."

Lane 6 - entertainmentwise posts "One Direction's Niall Horan Visits Pal Tom Daley On Splash! Set.  Pop star spends time with diver friend.  Tom Daley has acquired numerous famous friends after his profile rose during last year's Olympics, and he was joined on the set of diving show Splash! by one of the biggest boyband stars of the moment this week – One Direction's Niall Horan.  Niall, 19, decided to pay a visit to 18-year-old Tom at the Inspire: Luton Sports Village in Luton, where Tom was practising ahead of Splash!'s Saturday night live programme with his celebrity trainees."


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