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Winter Swimming Blues Hits Hard!

WARNING RAMBLING AHEAD:  First swim in a week.  And it wasn't much of a swim.  More like a warm up swim.  I'm a bit frustrated of late.  Swimming really has taken a back burner in my life and I miss it.  I've had opportunities to Swimmmswim but with everything else I just don't have the energy when I have the time and I hardly have the time.  I taught 13 spinning classes so energy for swimming was very rare.  So swimming happens or barely happens when it happens on a very rarely occasion.  Like today.  Sunday!  I ran with a coworker this morning at 7am.  Just a bit over 3 miles.  I figured I'd go right to the pool after the run.  But I had a slight cramp in the leg and since it's easy to find any excuse not to swim I had one. So I went on with my day.  After a trip to a local sporting goods store I purchased a swim gear bag.  I told myself earlier today that I could get in a quick 20 minute swim Monday and Friday morning before my 8:15am spin class at the pool near the gym.   I get the gear bag in hand and head towards the register when a text comes asking me to teach the 6:45am class.  Needing the money and loving spinning I said yes.  Which meant no swim tomorrow.  So do I still buy the bag since I'm only buying the bag to eliminate carrying my big swim bag and then my big gym bag?  Figuring the mesh gear bag is smaller then my other bag.  The whole point of buying the mesh gear bag was to only carry that and my gym bag and not my swim and gym bag.  Wait, how many Speedo bags do I own?  OY! That is enough to give my mind a cramp!

I did get the bag and decided to head to the pool this afternoon to get in a quick workout. 

Started off a bit ambitious with 5x100's freestyle on 1:40.
1    1:17.2     100     1:17
2    1:12.6     100     1:13
3    1:11.8     100     1:12
4    1:10.2     100     1:10
5    1:08.7     100     1:09

It wasn't a planned set it was just something I started to do and continued with.  I was just there as an excuse to use my mesh gear bag.

6x50's Kick on 1:05.  No Fins.  Nice and easy!  (300/800)

4x75's Pulling with Paddles and d-band on 1:10.  (300/1100)
1    1:02.3     75     1:23
2    :58.5     75     1:18
3    :57.3     75     1:16
4    :59.6     75     1:19

Now in my mind I had this great set planned.  But well I'm lazy with no motivation.  I have no upcoming meets, sort of.  It's SCY season and I really prefer SCM or LCM.  I was going to do this Valentine's Day meet but I teach on Saturday and was asked to sub the earlier class so that means I'd be only swim on Sunday.  I guess I could swim that one day.  Meh, I'm not motivated to swim.

So the set that I started was...

2x50's on 45

1x100 on 1:30

and I called it a day.  So 1,300 yards.  Guess it's better then nothing. or is it? GtdI'll just blame it on winter blues.  Of course it's Florida so it's not really winter.  Let's call it fuckin' I'm lazy as shit!  That sounds better!


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