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Joe's 4x's The Charm Workout

I did this workout the other day and it was satisfying enough that I thought I’d share it as this week’s workout. It’s pretty basic, but again has a few challenging points (and why not!?!?)

The workout is 4 times through the following:

800 pull (or swim)
2 x 200 IM

Round 1:  there’s no warm up so right off the bat, the 800 is just your warm up, so make it whatever you want (I did a 200 swim/50 scull for 800 yards).  The IMs are:  #1 drill, #2 drill/swim by 25.

Round 2:  the 800 is free is pull or swim.  As ‘always’ focus here is on a consistent pacing (I broke mine miserably!!!) and maintaining.  Watch the clock a bit (or use your watch) and maintain your pace for each 100.  The IMs are:  #1, kick, #2, swim/drill by 25.

Round 3:  the 800 is broken at the 400 for 20 seconds and then negative split (so faster than the first half).  The intention as with any negative split/descend/build is to make sure that there is still EFFORT on the first half so you can really feel the burn on the second half.  The IMs are:  #1 Reverse IM (ouch) #2 IM (yes, two 50s fly in a row)

Round 4:  the 800 is broken again, this time as 100s.  Alternate 100 SPRINT / 100 smooth on 2:00.  Do what you can to really work those SPRINT 100s.  Even if you need a little extra rest.  The smooth 100s should be recovery but not too sloppy.  The IMs are:  #1 Drill (yes, a bit of recovery) #2 IM, broken at the 50, 50s are build to hard then 5 seconds rest.  On the last IM work on controlling  your breathing in between each 50.  Big deliberate breaths to help return your oxygen and ‘theoretically’ get your back ready to go faster.

200 ez – or something – you’ll want to move some!

5000 for the whole thing.  if you opt to drop a round, drop round #2.  J

My name is Joe Denton, I am a 41 year old swimmer in Seattle Washington.  I've been swimming competitively since I was 11 (with an 8 year break in the middle somewhere) and find the pleasure to be worth the sacrifice.  I swim with a  few local master's teams in the Seattle area and also on my own due to scheduling conflicts.  Because of that, I end up writing a lot of my own workouts which is something I've recently discovered I really enjoy.  I end up reading a lot about the training techniques that are being developed and in my free time watch training videos on YouTube and other sites. My workouts tend to focus on stroke as I am primarily and IM'er, but I also do a fair amount of distance free training as I swim a few open water distance events as well (but those workouts tend to be in the spring/summer).

Wanna Be Like Joe?  Got lot's of swim workouts you'd like to share with the world?  Contact the17thman at joel@the17thman.com and pitch me your idea to be a guest blogger.  Cheers!


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