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Saturday's Swim Report: Swimming, It's Not Just A Bunch Of Rowdy Boys Eating Vegemite

Let's Try This Swimming Thing, Again.

Today was a good day for swimming.  It wasn't a fast workout or a long yardage workout.  It was a workout.  A workout just to relax, swim and not worry about a billion little things in my head.  As a great man once said "Relax. What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind!"

I gotta admit that I almost did sleep in and skip swimming.  Snooze was too strong of a force.  But I knew I have to swim.  So I did get to the pool a bit early so I'd get some pool time.  A small group of the regular swimmers was there as well as the Coach.  So I swam in his lane and did the workout he and another swimmer was doing.  Nothing too hard but that is all right with me.  Gotta start somewhere.  Plus it kept me honest sticking to a set and interval.  Also swimming in his lane made me think more about my stroke technique and not worry about intervals and the set itself.  It was good for the mind.  I only drifted off once during the swim otherwise I kept thinking about my swim.

Warm Up:

400 Swim

300 Kick (700)

Main Set:

4x75's on 1:20

6x125's on 2:10

4x75's on 1:20

Distance:     1,350 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     23:12
Avg Pace:     1:16 min/100 yd
Calories:     279 C

Not the greatest swim but I really thought about my swimming.  I even tried to think about my pacing once I got swimming.  At first the 75's felt a bit slow to me.  Then during the 125's I was glad to be swimming with others.  If I was on my own I never would have finished. 

1    1:00.0     75     1:20
2    :59.8     75     1:20
3    :59.6     75     1:20
4    :59.1     75     1:19
5    1:38.0     125     1:18
6    1:37.1     125     1:18
7    1:36.3     125     1:17
8    1:34.5     125     1:16
9    1:32.6     125     1:14
10    1:29.7     125     1:12
11    :55.6     75     1:14
12    :54.1     75     1:12
13    :53.3     75     1:11
14    :50.9     75     1:08

As you can see from above I was able to descend the set for the most part.  (1,350/2,050)  I then cooled down a 50 to get to 2,100 yards.  Not great but once again I'm sort of starting all over.  Yet, another reboot.  I think I'm on my 1,245 reboot in my swimming.  It's okay as I gotta keep telling myself I do this for fun!  Of course swimming slow sucks but whatever I gotta keep telling myself "Relax. What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind!" Go_theI'm not going to even let the Go The Distance thing bother me anymore.  It's just another way to keep track of my swims and nothing more.  This is just for fun!  FUN, damnit!



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