Let's Try This Swimming Thing, Again.
Go Swim - Backstroke - The Wave

Saturday's Swim Report: Swimming, It's Not Just A Bunch Of Rowdy Boys Eating Vegemite

Lane 1 - ESPN posts "Bob Bowman, Dave Salo to coach U.S..  Bob Bowman will coach the U.S. men's team and Dave Salo will guide the women's team at this summer's world swimming championships in Barcelona, Spain.  The world championships will be July 19-Aug. 4."

Lane 2 - The University of Maine post via youtube "UMaine swimmer/breast cancer survivor Nicole Langlois.  Winning the battle against cancer with help from her team."

Lane 3 - Auckland Now posts "Pool bout benefits sick kids.   Comedian Guy Williams isn't one to shy away from a challenge.  But he may have bitten off a bit more than he could chew challenging a former Olympian and an 11-year-old rising swimming star to a battle in the pool.  Williams 8333929donned his Speedos to take on swimming champion Moss Burmester and Sandringham youngster Eva Williams in a butterfly stroke race at the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre to launch this year's Cure Kids Red Nose Day appeal."

Lane 4 - The Baltimore Sun posts "Michael Phelps new adventure in reality TV land.  “I’m 27. I’m retired. But I still want to compete.”  That’s Olympic champion Michael Phelps talking in “The Haney Project,” a Golf Channel series that stars Tiger Woods’ one-time coach taking on a new celebrity student each season. Phelps’ words pretty much summarize the premise of this year’s edition, which starts Monday night.  In the past, Hank Haney’s celebrity pupils have included Ray Romano, Rush Limbaugh, Charles Barkley and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. This season, the student is the swimmer from Baltimore who won 18 gold medals in Olympic competition."

Lane 5 - Greek Reporter posts "Tsiolkas’ Book Taps Aussie Swim Culture.  he new book written by Greek author Christos Tsiolkas is expected to be published in October, his fifth, and five years after his previous novel The Slap.  The main character is an Australian swimmer who made ​​many sacrifices to become an Olympic champion, “but life had other plans.”  The theme is timely after the recent revelations about doping in sport in Australia. The report by Australia’s Crime Commission describes doping by “multiple players” in many teams, across a number of different professional sports."

Lane 6 - CQ News posts "Olympic swimmer Kenrick Monk says he'll be back for more.   MORE high-profile athletes need to visit rural areas.  That is the opinion of Olympic swimmer Kenrick Monk who spent a weekend in Clermont, training the Dysart and Clermont Dolphins swimming clubs.  "These visits need to happen a lot more - high-profile athletes need to come out," Monk said.  "The first thing I'll be saying when I'm back home is 'contact country squads and get out there and show them'.  "I saw a lot of talent. They could be our future swimmers."

Lane 7 - WebProNews posts "Watch Aquaman Feed Cyborg To A Shark In Injustice: Gods Among Us.  This week’s first match up is between Aquaman and Cyborg. The recently revealed King of Atlantis has quite a formidable move set. I might also mention that his special has him feeding Cyborg to a shark."

Lane 8 - Portland Business Journal posts "Portland lacks the mettle for Olympics.  According to the New York Times, the U.S. Olympic Committee sent letters to mayors of 35 American cities asking whether their towns could serve as venues for what will be the 33rd Olympiad. That, in turn, has generated speculation about which cities could be in the running."


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