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The Hardy Boys & The Case Of The Long Lost Swimmer & His Lost Kickboard!

Ahh...Sunday my day off from work.  Which means it's my day!  Not my day to sleep in but my day to do my workout stuff.  Ya know, running and swimming and swimming and more swimming.  Although of late one may wonder if I swim at all anymore and I admit I really haven't been.  Not enough time, to tired, to cold outside, to this and not enough that.  Excuses, excuses, excuses and Sofarthen...self defeat starts to set in.  Why bother swimming today it's not like I'm swimming any other time so why swim today?  Ugh!  Self defeat in swimming is winning over my thougths.   This past week has been the anti-swim week in my mind.  But I'm moving past that.  I'm going to embrace the few times I can swim.  And with that today was one of those days.  I was going to swim with the gang around 8:30/45 after my run but I was freezing after that run so I put off the swim.  More on the run later.  When I remember to use my Wahoo HR Monitor I can track my spinning classes.  Of course I forget to put in on me or even to turn the app on most of the time.  Last week I even forgot to put it on for my run.  Doh!

Let's talk swimming!  After my second breakfast or very early lunch I relaxed a bit.  Then hit the pool after 11.  I figured everyone would be way gone by then so I wouldn't have to explain how I'm busy and lazy and just don't swim to anyone.  I had a printed workout and figured I'd go with that.  So that it what my plan was. Got to the pool and realized I didn't have a battery for the deck clock but did find my Speedo kickboard that I left behind a few weeks ago.  Funny cuz' it wasn't around in the storage room last Sunday.  Glad someone returned it.  I almost bought a new one yesterday!

Warmed Up

200 Swim

200 Pull w/o Paddles

200 Pull w/ Paddles

Garmin Swim registered an extra 25 yards for some reason.

4x75's Kick w/ fins on 1:30  (300/900)

3x100's w/fins - swim/kick/pull/build on 2:00.  The Garmin Swim registerd each as a 75 ignoring the 25 kick.  (300/1200)

Crazy Time!  Motivation Time!  I keep telling my students in my spin classes to push themselves to break out of thier comfort zone.  So today I decided to do that myself.  I was going to swim or pull a 1,000 but decided I'd pull a 1,650.  I used all my toys:  pull bouy, paddles and d-band pulling band.  I wasn't going for speed I just wanted to prove to myself that I can swim a 1,650.  I needed something to motivate me. 

Distance:     1,650 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     22:19
Avg Pace:     1:21 min/100 yd
Calories:     314 C
Avg Efficiency :     30
Avg SWOLF :     27

Grr…I can't see a 100 by 100 since I didn't hit the pause button at every 100 of the 1650.  I can only assume I was on a steady pace.  I felt like it.  Tired at the end but controlled. Huhchart
This chart is damn fucking useless pretty much like the Garmin Swim.  I can sorta see highs and lows and if I place the cursor at the peaks and valleys I get sorta splits but not real ones.  My slowest average pace was 1:34 and fastest 1:05.  Meh.  I'm going to use this workout as my "Base Workout Set" and do it in theory once a month to see how I'm doing in swimming.  I may actually do it again next Sunday and try to go faster.  Not that one should compare swim meet times to workout times but the last time I swam the 1650 I did it with a time of 18:06.41.  So I'm 4 miutes off.  That is horrible!  Oh!  (1650/2850)  I then did an easy 50 for 2,900 yard workout. SadgtdJan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    1.65 miles (=2,900 yards, =2,652 meters)
Total    8.61 miles (=15,150 yards, =13,853 meters)

I think that might be an all time low for a month!  12,250 yards?  Holy no longer a swimmer batman!  I gotta snap out of this! 

So running.  I ran again this morning with a run mate.  A few of us at work are going to run a 12K in April.  Most of us are pretty active and in shape but none of us are runners.  I'm the most experienced with a few runs under my belt but haven't ran much in 2012 if at all.  So a few of us run together on Sunday mornings at 7am.  It's damn cold at 7am!  Almost too cold! 7po4So I can do this.  7.4 miles or 12K.  Hopefully all of us will be able to do this!  My run today was different then what I planned out for everyone else.  Mostly cuz' I got to the Polo Fields early and was so cold I decided to warm up a mile first. MapAfter I mile I paused and waited for everyone to run.  Then I ran another 3.7 miles.  At the end I didn't run the full loop but cut through the half way point which is the polo viewing stands. ChachachartOne loop around the Polo Field is about a mile.
mi     Pace (min/mi)     Elevation (ft)
1     11:53     0
2     9:07     4
3     9:08     -1
4     9:29     -3
5     10:01     1

I took a pee break in the portajohn which is why I slowed up after mile 4.  Forgot to pause the Wahoo HR Monitor app.  You can see the two breaks in the red line on the chart above. 

Overall it was a good day.  Swimming and Running.  Now I got the day to relax and watch House of Cards and Downton Abbey.


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