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Saturday's Swim Report: Swimmers Lace Up & Hit The Pavement

Beware The Swimides of March

Okay so the Ides of March was yesterday, Big woop. Who gives a doodle? Whoopie ding-dong doo.  This was my first swim of March and my first swim since February 23rd.  Holy shit, I'm out of swim shape.  Now I'm not a complete slacker as I did run 6.6 miles last Sunday and taught 10 hours or so of spinning this week.  But swimming just hasn't been happening.  But I made it today.  It wasn't the best of swims but it was a swim. Swimday
Warm up was a really broken and broken down 500.  I was feeling horrible.  I was feeling pain in places I didn't even know I had places.  Oy!  Then we did 3x100's Swim/Kick/Pull/Build.   Once again I'm only at 800 yards and my body is screaming to stop.  OY!

Main Set: 

Noah's Ark - 2 of almost everything










I don't really know the interval as it was hard to see the clock so I just went when I was told to go.  Hey it was dark outside and the water was warm and the air was cold so it was like swimming in the fog.  Now my instructions was to swim a 25 of specialty stroke for anything over a 50.  So foolishly I decided to swim butterfly and did the 25 at the end of each thing so for the 75 it was 50 free / 25 fly.  Also we were told to go faster on the second half then the first.  Yeah, right!

1    :39.0     50     1:18
2    :39.3     50     1:19
3    :59.9     75     1:20
4    1:00.5     75     1:21
5    1:21.1     100     1:21
6    1:19.6     100     1:20
7    1:39.9     125     1:20
8    1:53.5     125     1:31
9    2:01.0     150     1:21
10    1:59.7     150     1:20
11    1:36.9     125     1:17
12    1:37.5     125     1:18
13    1:16.2     100     1:16
14    1:17.5     100     1:17
15    :58.9     75     1:18
16    :59.3     75     1:19
17    :36.8     50     1:14
18    :35.9     50     1:12

I had a few issues with the watch so that second of the first 125 time wasn't right.  But for the most part I did go faster on the way down the set.  I felt horrible and it was still slow but I did finish.  I wanted to quit so many times during this set.  1,700 yards and I'm done these days.  Oy!  2,500 yard workout total.  Not great, not bad.  Oh wait, that is bad! GtdOy!  That's just so sad!  I'm just gonna swim whenever I can.  Just knowing that some day I'll be able to swim more.  These are the days that I keep saying to myself "Moving to Florida was the worst mistake of my life, and I've made plenty of mistakes."  But the reality is that I'm getting old and I can't do everything.  Swimming is just a hobby my little oasis.  I'll always have swimming even if it's just for 50-60 minutes of a mental sanctuary.  Hey, like I've keep saying "at least I'm swimming!"


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