This Is Not A Joke, I Tried To Swim Semi-Workout
Sunday's Swim Report: Live Like A Swimmer And Wear A Speedo

Saturday's Swim Report: Golden Swimmers, Female Swimmers and Masters Swimmers All Swim Together

Lane 1 - The World posts "Community Swimming: Suppes meets Fitness Challenge.  Joy Suppes became the first masters swimmer from the South Coast to conquer the national February Fitness Challenge when she swam every day in the month, no matter the weather conditions or her busy schedule as a working mother.  The challenge is set up to encourage adult swimmers to lay a foundation for the rest of the year by swimming during the dark times of winter. Suppes averaged a mile a day."

Lane 2 - posts "Female athletes' partners are pillars of strength, not glamour.  Luke Trickett understands better than most what it takes.  Since meeting swimmer wife and Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett while they were on the Australian Youth Swimming Team in 2002, Luke has watched Libby's career take off.  He said being swimmers together made it easier to know what each other was going through, but they were tested when their careers began moving at a different pace."

Lane 3 - The Chicago Tribune posts "Adults take over Naperville Central pool.  Waves swim club lets swimmers ages 23 to 76 compete.  The swimming pool at Naperville Central High School hosts 2803123genbib02_18lcm7k-18lcma4plenty of competitions for high school athletes.  But Sunday it was adult swim as the Naperville Waves hosted the Naperville Central Masters Meet, which featured more than 80 swimmers ages 23 to 76 from around the Chicago area competing in distances from 50 to 500 yards."

Lane 4 - Yahoo posts "Shedding Olympic woe for dining gold.  Last time he was in the spotlight, swimmer Eamon Sullivan was fronting a high-profile news conference to admit his involvement in a Stilnox-fuelled team bonding night in the lead-up to the London Olympics.  But this week, the Beijing silver medallist was attracting attention for a much more welcome reason — the opening of his much-anticipated, big bucks, beachside restaurant."

Lane 5 - NY Times posts "Catching a Champion Swimmer on Film.  Of the 400 hours of footage that the independent filmmakers Grant Barbeito and Christo Brock gathered on the swimming champion Missy Franklin and her training partner Kara Lynn Joyce, one scene stands out as their favorite. It was not from any of Franklin’s four gold medal swims at the Olympics, but from the 2012 Colorado state high school championships several months before her breakout performance in London."

Lane 6 -- Daily Pilot posts "Olympic-themed event draws gold.  The Trojan League of Orange County made a splash in Fashion Island at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, attracting hundreds of local USC alum for poolside cocktails followed by a dinner program in the ballroom. From the 1976 games in Montreal, USC swimmer John Naber — America's most decorated Olympian at those games, winning four gold medals each in world record time — joined with fellow Montreal gold medal winner Bruce Furniss, the Gilchrist brothers, Allen and Sandy, and a host of accomplished Olympians, including Tumua Anae, Cynthia Brennan, Shea Buckner, Gary Carlsen, Richard Charlesworth, Janet Evans, Jen Kessy, Amy Rodriguez, Kim Ruddins, Kaitlin Sandeno, Rod Strachan and USC swimming head coach Dave Salo."


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