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Wednesday Swim Report: Jeah Falls Flat In The United States of Swimming

It's Not The End Of The World, It Just Feels Like It Workout

Two days in a row and I'm a roll swimming.  Now I'm really just going with the swim motions just to keep swimming.  I'm filling in for someone in the 5:45 Group Power (weight training class) which makes swimming in the morning a bit difficult.  The class is Mon/Wed/Fri and I have my 8:15 Easy1600spinning class Mon/Fri which leaves me with one day to swim in the morning.  So as soon as I'm done with the class I head right to the pool.  Usually getting there about 7:15ish.  Which gives me time to put in a quick workout.  Everyone has already been swimming somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes so I just hop right into a lane and do whatever they are doing. 

The Set


2x200's on 3:10 I think they said.

6x100's on 1:35


I know they mentioned about something being hard and fast and something not as much.  But I didn't know any of this till they were done.  Basically I jumped in and swam at some point.

1    1:26.8     100     1:27
2    1:01.9     75     1:23
3    1:21.2     100     1:21
4    1:14.7     100     1:15
5    1:13.1     100     1:13
6    1:15.7     100     1:16
7    1:15.5     100     1:16

Note that 75 was a 100 as I didn't hit the button to after the first 25.  So I guess if it was 6x100's I must have jumped in at the end of the 200.  (700 yards)  I really didn't know what we were doing I was just taking off when they did.  I figured it out but didn't realize about the 4x50's at the end so only did 2 of them.  (100/800)

Then I chatted with them for a bit before doing my own little, very little set.

Pulling w/paddles and d-band.

4 Rounds

100 on 1:30

2x50's easy on 60

I tried to descend the 100's I was going to do 5 Rounds but my stroke started to get so sloppy I figured it was time to stop. 

1    1:15.9     100     1:16
2    :40.1     50     1:20
3    :40.1     50     1:20
4    1:17.7     100     1:18
5    :37.8     50     1:16
6    :37.2     50     1:15
7    1:10.7     100     1:11
8    :39.0     50     1:18
9    :38.3     50     1:17
10    1:08.5     100     1:08
11    :41.1     50     1:22
12    :44.1     50     1:28

I was trying to get faster for each 100.  I should have pushed myself for one last round.  (800/1600)  So 1600 yards in a little over 30 minutes.  I call this workout "It's Not The End Of The World" as I made a few mistakes in the class this morning, nothing huge maybe an extra lunge or push up.  Nothing too bad but for some it seemed like it was the end of the world. OY! 

Back to swimming...

Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    5.43 miles (=9,550 yards, =8,733 meters)
Total    21.14 miles (=37,200 yards, =34,016 meters)

I've decided to give myself a goal to finish up the month with at least 7 miles in the pool.  Which is really nothing considering I use to swim around 30,000 yards a month.  But I'm going to push myself to swim at least 3,000 yards by next Tuesday which is the last day of April.  It's not a big goal but I just need to see some small step in my swimming.  GtdI don't even want to think about my GTD Goal.  I'm so behind that I'm never going to catch up.  Unless I start swimming now and don't stop to sometime next week.  Oh well.  Small baby strokes one at a time. 


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