One Last Excuse Swim Workout For Lack Of Working Out
Waterfi: Waterproof Nike+ FuelBand

Wednesday's Swim Report: Never Mind Being Fast! Will This $400 Swim Suit Make Me Hot?

Lane 1 - 7 News posts "Missy Franklin is named the nation's outstanding amateur athlete by the AAU.  Colorado's Olympic Champion swimmer wins award."

Lane 2 - Herald Online posts "Diaper Buys Now Offers Adult Swimming Briefs.  Summertime offers fun times at the pool and beach, with waves lapping at our feet offering relaxing and soothing sounds for one and all.  The idea of swimming in a pool or at the lake or ocean can cause individuals with adult incontinence issues not to join in the fun rather than risking an "accident," however. Theme parks with water active areas include the cost of swim pant/briefs for children into the entry cost, but what is an older youth or adult to do or wear to ensure they will not have an accident?"

Lane 3 - The Daily Telegraph posts "Punishment for Australia’s shamed 4x100m Olympic relay team could be announced as soon as tomorrow.  It is understood penalties could include fines and Swim_hall_of_fame_hopes_to_call_santa_clara_home“suspended sentences” following the fallout of their infamous Stilnox bonding night prior to the London Olympics."

Lane 4- The Santa Clara Weekly posts "Swim Hall of Fame Hopes to Call Santa Clara Home.  Two weeks ago, the newly-formed Santa Clara Blue and Gold Ribbon Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with the ISHOF to raise $10 million to relocate the Hall of Fame to Santa Clara, and provide a $2 million endowment for future support. Unofficial discussions have been going on since last year and a location adjacent to the Hilton hotel is currently under consideration."

Lane 5 - Look To The Stars posts "Rebecca Adlington Turns Her Attention To Kids’ Sport.  Although only 23 years old, Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington has decided to give up competitive swimming, leaving it to the up and coming younger female swimmers.  Although she plans on staying involved at an elite level without competing, Adlington wants to focus on the sport at what she calls a grassroots level as well."

382215-tomtom-runner-watchLane 6 - Huffington Post has (w/video) "Dara Torres: 'Exercise Helps Me Sleep'.  What could possibly be stressful about competing as an Olympic athlete, delivering motivational speeches around the country, acting as a skincare spokeswoman and raising a daughter? Swimmer Dara Torres does it all -- and still has time to sleep."

Lane 7- PC Mag posts "TomTom Watches Track Running, Cycling, and Swimming.  GPS maker TomTom today announced a new line of smart sports watches designed for athletes who run, cycle, and swim.  Two versions of the watch will be available later this year: the Runner line, designed only for running, and the Multi-Sport, which includes cycling and swimming features. TomTom says it will sell the watches with a variety of bundled accessories, including a heart rate monitor, bike mount, and cadence sensor (which inform cyclists of their pedaling speed)."

Lane 8 - USA Today posts "Final Word: Does this suit make me look like Jon Hamm?  For this price, it should!  That said I was wandering through the men's department at Neiman-Marcus the other night…I come upon but a table of bathing suits. Nice bathing suits. Fun bathing suits. There were piles of them in a variety of colors, patterns and styles.  The suit I liked most was $350. Maybe it was $450. Who knows? I was blinded by the price."


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