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Quick 1,000 Yard Or 20 Minute Swim Workout

Two swims in one week, hey I'm on a roll.  Okay, so they've both been more like warm ups then a real workout but hey it's something.  Considering I only swam twice in March this little roll I'm on is record breaking.  Once again I did co-teach a class at the gym at 5:45am doing the warm up track, chest track, back & legs track and the shoulder track.  In order to fit in a swim with a few folks I jumped ship and left class after shoulders.  From there I headed to the pool to warm up with a few folks.  Well they were warming up for the Senior Games (for those aged 50+.)  I only had 20 minutes in the pool and 30 minutes at home to eat and dress.  I'm going to time at the event today then right after head back to work to teach spin this afternoon. 

As for the "workout"... QuickBasically I warmed up a 200 and joined them on a set.  I missed the first 2x50's of the pyramid.





Don't ask me the intervals.  I just went when I was told.  The first 100's and the 2x150's I did freestyle but sorta breathing every 4.  Sometimes I cheated and breathed every 2.  The second 100's I did IM.  The 2x50's were switches, fly/back and breast/free.

Then I did a 50 cool down.  So 1,050 yard workout.  It wasn't a fast swim but I felt pretty good.  My arms and shoulders were burning but after coming right from weight training of course they would burn.  The wierd part of doing the weights then gym close together is that I feel that my muscles are more engaged.  Maybe cuz' I can feel the burn I can feel them working in my swim. 

1    1:26.8     100     1:27
2    1:19.4     100     1:19
3    1:59.0     150     1:19
4    1:56.9     150     1:18
5    1:25.6     100     1:26
6    1:31.2     100     1:31
7    :39.1     50     1:18
8    :43.6     50     1:27

The times for theat last 100 was wrong as I forgot to hit the stop button on the watch.  Well that's it, at least I got in a quick swim.  Hopefully I can swim tomorrow morning for a quick swim.  I'll be really on a roll if that happens.


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