Tuesday's Swim Report: Now With Even More Belly-Floppin' Tabloid Whoppers!
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That's Not A Swim Workout, That's A Swim Set.

Well at least I swam.  In fact if I swim once more this month I'll be tied with March for swimming workouts.  Earlier this week I made a promise to myself that this would be the month I'd start Swimiswimming again.  Nothing like I use to swim but at least get in the water at least twice a week.  So I mapped out my week with work and figured I could swim Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week.  Normally I can't swim on Friday but I'm volunteering at the swimming portion of the Senior Games (50+ swimmers) I took the day off from work.  But then my work schedule changed for today and Friday.  So I have and had to squeeze in a quick workout.  Well a quick set...

I almost didn't swim actually but after a quick stop at home I grabbed my swim stuff and headed to the pool.

DId a very easy mixed 300 swim for warm up.  I say very easy cuz' I was spending more time talking in between 50's then acutally swimming.  Then a 200 kick (i messed up with the watch so that 400 is the 200 kick)  (500)

6x50's Pulling on 60.  I'm such an idiot on the first one I put on my paddles and my d-band and started to pull.  It took me about 15 meters before I realized I didn't have my pull buoy.  That first 50 was tough.  Actually it all was tough since I haven't been swimming. (300/800)

Then I took one of Joe's workout sets and sorta did it...

3x50's FAST (90%) on 1:10

100 Stroke on 1:45

2x50's FAST (90%) on 1:10

100 Stroke on 1:45

1x50 FAST (i guess still 90%) on 1:10

100 Stroke

I did my stroke's backstroke.  I was pretty damn slow.  Now no way can I swim at 90% after teaching a class.  Hell I'm so outta shape my new 90% is my old warm up pace!  This morning I co-taught the 5:45am weight class teaching the warm up track, chest track, back & legs track and the shoulder track.  I really felt the shoulders during the backstroke! 

1    :36.5     50     1:13
2    :37.7     50     1:16
3    :36.5     50     1:13
4    1:24.6     100     1:25
5    :37.0     50     1:14
6    :37.1     50     1:14
7    1:25.1     100     1:25
8    :37.0     50     1:14
9    1:27.5     100     1:28

The set was to be down twice but once was more then enough for me.  (600/1400)  So a total of 1,400 yards.  I could have swam more but I gotta get my 2nd breakfast and head back to teach two spinning classes.  Then later maybe get a few 25's in the pool as they are doing something or another for the Friday swim meet and I'm going to help out.  I'll swim Friday morning after the class but before the 9am start time of the meet.  Figure another short workout.  Then I'll be tied for March for swim workouts swam.  Hopefully I'll break that sad record on a Saturday swim. GtdI'll be attempting to post a Swim Report later this afternoon/ evening.


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