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Three Times The Sharm (Swim + Charm) Workout

Three swims in one month, woah I'm on a roll.  Hey, it's one more swim then I did in the month of March.  I'm doing my best to squeeze in some swimming even if it's more of a warm up then a swim.  3timesSo after co-teaching the 5:45 Group Power (weight training) class I headed right to the pool.  My timing was perfect as a few of the lap swimmers were getting out when I arrived.  The swimmers who swim with the local swim team coach was in the midst of a set.  So I warmed up a 200 and just jumped in to whatever they were doing. 

200 Warm Up (feeling the burn in the shoulders from the morning weights, ouchie)

3x100's on 2 minutes

4x50's on 60

1    3:16.1     200     1:38
2    1:19.3     100     1:19
3    1:16.0     100     1:16
4    1:12.8     100     1:13
5    :35.5     50     1:11
6    :35.3     50     1:11
7    :35.9     50     1:12
8    :34.9     50     1:10

That first 200 was the warm up in which I was stopping after every 50.  Then I jumped right into the set.  After everyone was done I asked what the set was and it was

2x200's on 4 minutes

6x100's on 2 minutes Descend in pairs of two.  So 1st two same pace, then descend the next two keeping tht two same pace, then last two descending from the middle two.  I didn't know so my times were anything close to that.  Pretty much just warming up.

I then kicked 3x100's.  I was going to do part of the set again.  I wanted to swim 1,500 yards at least so I was going to swim 2x50's to get the arms back then 4x100's.  But instead I was talking and decicded I needed to head home to get reading to teach spinning.  Oh well, at least I got in 1,000 yards.  UghI named the chart above UGH since that is how I feel.  In four months I've logged in as many yards as I use to in one month.  Small steps on my way back!  That is my view, just slowly get back to swimming and swim whenever I can.  30 minutes, 20 minutes anything is better then zero minutes.  Unless I get called into work to sub any other classes I'll swim 30 minutes before lunch tomorrow and maybe Saturday before my class.  But we will see. 



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