Wednesday's Swim Report: Never Mind Being Fast! Will This $400 Swim Suit Make Me Hot?
TYR Endurance Sport

Waterfi: Waterproof Nike+ FuelBand

So jealous of my pal Rob over at RobAquatics as he bragged on Facebook... RobaquaticsMake it Count in the Water

Completely waterproof down to 100ft
2 Year Warranty fulfilled by Waterfi

The Nike+ FuelBand comes from the Nike factory sweat resistant, but enhanced with Waterfi's Dual Layer waterproofing process, it is now ready to be submerged 100 feet below the surface. Chase your NikeFuel goal while lap swimming, surfing, kayaking, even scuba diving. The Fuelband is waterproofed by filling the interior of the device with a thick rubbery insulator that forms a barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components
see more at

read more of my adventures with the nike+ fuelband over at even more of the17thman


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