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Joe's Back To The Pace Clock Workout

Here’s sort of a basic workout designed to work on some pacing again.

600 wu

8 x 75s   1-4 k/d/s, 5-8 build each 75

6 x 250s  pull:  #1 paddles, buoy & tube, #2 paddles & buoy, #3 buoy (repeat for 4-6)

4 x 100s  dolphin kick either on your back or stomach

5 x 125s  swim extra length best stroke

175  cool down

So, again, nothing really special here.  Lots of pace work, the dolphin kick is just good for you and the odd distances (250s and 125s) help prep for long course (which I can’t do for another month as the pool isn’t open yet).

The 250s should get faster as you take gear off.  Let me rephrase – faster on purpose.

The 125s are to work again on the extra distance for your long course and doing the extra length your best stroke helps you focus on that as you get ‘tired’.

Everything is on 15-20 seconds rest.  For bonus points, rest a minute in between each set (no more).


My name is Joe Denton, I am a 41 year old swimmer in Seattle Washington.  I've been swimming competitively since I was 11 (with an 8 year break in the middle somewhere) and find the pleasure to be worth the sacrifice.  I swim with a  few local master's teams in the Seattle area and also on my own due to scheduling conflicts.  Because of that, I end up writing a lot of my own workouts which is something I've recently discovered I really enjoy.  I end up reading a lot about the training techniques that are being developed and in my free time watch training videos on YouTube and other sites. My workouts tend to focus on stroke as I am primarily and IM'er, but I also do a fair amount of distance free training as I swim a few open water distance events as well (but those workouts tend to be in the spring/summer).


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