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Monday's Swim Report: No Carbon For You & Mark Speed Ahead For Swimmers

Lane 1 - Swimming World posts "Three Arena Powerskin Suits Non-Compliant; Arena, FINA Take Action - Updated. In February 2013, FINA queried Arena regarding a Powerskin Carbon-Pro racing suit, the women's full body open back -- FINA approval code AR220993, that FINA purchased in the open market during routine testing. FINA had a question regarding the suit's permeability.  Arena then launched a quality control investigation into its entire process, and found that two other variants of the Carbon-Pro were also impacted stemming back to December 2012. These two other variants are the women's full body closed back (FINA approval code AR220994) and men's jammer (FINA approval code AR141364).  With this in mind, Arena has waived its FINA approval on the three mentioned variants effective today."  ARENA posts "New information on compliance with FINA regulations.  Arena is introducing a new version of the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro (called Mark 2), which is available with immediate effect, with the following FINA approval codes:
    Women's full body open back – Mark 2 (AR221039)
    Women’s full body close back – Mark 2 (AR221028)
    Men’s jammer – Mark 2 (AR141028)
visit the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro return page."

Lane 2 - The Australian posts "Former teenage swimming champion and TV veteran Johanna Griggs talks about her success in and out of sport."

Lane 3 - Sports Grid posts "Here’s A Photo That Appears To Show Ryan Lochte With An Erection, If You’re Into That.  Another episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? aired last night, though this Ryan_lochte_bedtimeis another one of those “If Ryan Lochte’s TV show was on last night, and nobody was around to watch it, did it really happen?” situations. And while we’re sure he said and did a number of outrageous things, this takes the cake:"

Lane 4 - AU posts "Giaan Rooney opens up about her post-Olympics dumping from Nine and move to Seven.  Now at Seven where she has had an auspicious transition into the shoes of veteran Melbourne weatherman Peter Brown, Rooney admits she had no desire to leave Nine but was given no say in the matter after returning from her commentary gig at the London Games, which turned out to be a ratings fizzier."

Lane 5 - NBC Sports posts (w/ very old video) "VIDEO: Learn to swim like Michael Phelps.  As we continue to turn back the clock for no apparent reason on a gorgeous Monday, enjoy this 20-part video series (we would have made it 22) on Michael Phelps and the training techniques Bob Bowman used to turn him from a precocious 15-year-old swimmer to history’s greatest Olympic champion."

Lane 6 - posts "Cozy setup helped keep Swim Trials in Omaha.  Asked what probably won the bid again for Omaha after hosting in 2008 and '12, Cliff, president of the Omaha Sports Commission, said last week: “Without question, the convenience of the venue.”  The 50-meter warm-up pool starts at the southern edge of Exhibit Hall A in the CenturyLink convention center, James_magnussenwhere it connects with the arena. That pool also sits in a mostly enclosed space that minimizes the noise from the arena, allowing swimmers to prepare or cool down, Cliff said, without distraction."

Lane 7 - Adelaide Now posts "Australian swimming's rehabilitation will be a long haul.  SWIMMING tentatively attempted its first redemptive steps this past week.  With the sport humiliated and chastened in the wake of London, rehabilitation is a long, incremental and necessary haul that will need every kilometre of the road to Rio."

Lane 8 - Sunshine Coast Daily posts "Brave Melanie bound for Barcelona despite injury.   OLYMPIC gold medallist Melanie Schlanger has shaken off an injury-marred national championships and vowed to regain her best form.  The Coast export carried a fractured rib into the championships in Adelaide, which ended on Friday night, and performed accordingly. The 26 year old failed to defend her 100m freestyle title, finishing sixth, and came fifth in the 200m freestyle.  She has, however, earned a spot on Australia's 4x200m freestyle relay team for the world championships in Barcelona in July-August and is optimistic of also making the 4x100m freestyle team."


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