The Ride: East Coast
Friday's Swim Report: Can You See A Swim Beat?

Thursday's Swim Report - The Path To Swimming Starts With A Splash

Lane 1 - Financial TImes posts "Speedo helps London startup make a splash.  London startup Active in Time has taken the path less traveled to financing by licensing its Splashpath swim tracking app to Speedo.  Under the four-year deal, Splashpath will take on Speedo’s branding but remain the property of Dan Morgan, who founded the company after becoming frustrated that, despite there being myriad mobile apps for runners, there wasn’t one for swimmers."

Lane 2 - Asia One posts "Thorpe gives talk at Sports School.  AUSTRALIAN swimming legend Ian Ian_thorpeThorpe gave a talk at the Singapore Sports School yesterday morning.  The five-time Olympic gold-medallist (above) was invited by swimwear brand TYR to speak in the school's "Learn With The Champions" series."

Lane 3 - Courier Mail posts "James Magnussen believes a bonding camp has helped repair Australia's swim team rift.  BONDING sessions may have been the last thing James Magnussen wanted to do in the wake of the Stilnox scandal.  But he has credited a five-day bonding camp with all but repairing the Australian swimming team rift caused by the troubled London Olympic campaign."

Lane 4 - News12 posts "Franklin gets ready to walk down high school aisle.  But Franklin reached one important milestone last week, celebrating her 18th birthday, and she'll mark another Monday when she graduates from her Denver-area high school."

Lane 5 - New York Post has "Ryan Lochte is NOT so dumb!.  Brilliance of TV’s new Jessica Simpson."

Lane 6 - The Daily Advertiser posts "Swimming: take the plunge.  Could swimming be the key to staying young? Research conducted by Indiana University Bloomington's Counsilman Centre for the Science of Swimming shows regular laps of the pool may be the answer to prolonging youth.  In the study, the researchers measured age markers, physiological function indicators that typically decline by 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent a year from the age of 35."

Lane 7 - Tampa Bay Times posts "Swimming in the deep.  The national, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment now holds events in more than a dozen cities, including Clearwater Beach. Since the first swim off Nantucket Island in 1987, Swim Across America has raised more than $45 million for charity. Last year's inaugural Clearwater event raised more than $100,000 for the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and organizers hope to double that amount this year."

Lane 8 - NBC News posts "No. 1 swimming pool problem? It's number two!  People always worry about pee in the pool, but number two is the No. 1 problem, government health experts say. They found plenty of evidence that someone’s pooping in the pool."


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