Monday's Swim Report - Chasing The Insane Supersuit Records #BCN2013
Florent Manaudou in his ‪#‎LZRELITE2‬ at ‪#‎BCN2013‬

Finding The Perfect Lunchtime Swim Workout

Since a lot of Masters Swimmers and Lap Lane Swimmers don't swim on a team are then faced with finding lap swims times that fit in with work lives.  I noticed on several swim and triathlon message boards that several people have asked about finding perfect lunch time workouts.  So with my limited availability to pool time I've decided to help find those "perfect lunchtime swim workouts."  Today I start with a 22 minute swim!

This workout is about 22 minutes long taking in the fact that one must change from workout clothes into swimsuit and then after swimming shower and get dressed.  All that plus eat and get back to work in 60 Minutes! 

Warm Up
Easy split 300.  I say split cuz' I'm lazy in warm ups and need to stop.  It's hard for me to just jump in and start swimming.  Which is odd cuz' I do swim the 1500 and 1650 in races. 
1    1:21.3     100     1:21
2    1:18.8     100     1:19
3    1:21.8     100     1:22

Main Set:
Repeat 5x
My intervals for my 50's were 60, 55, 50, 45 and 40 while my 100's were all on 1:30.  The goal was to descend each round of 100's. 

The goal was just a goal since I messed up using my Garmin Swim Watch and had it going during some rest and stopped during the swims and vice versa.  I was pulling using buoy and paddles and using paddles and trying to touch the buttons on the watch can be challenging.
1    :36.5     50     1:13
2    :37.4     50     1:15
3    1:15.4     100     1:15
4    :37.3     50     1:15
5    :36.0     50     1:12
6    :19.4     25     1:18
reset the watch
1    :35.5     50     1:10
2    :34.8     50     1:10
3    1:10.4     100     1:10

So the whole workout was 1,300 yards in 22 minutes.  Not bad.  Don't know if it's the perfect lunch time swim but it got my heart going.  Also I was paying attention to my hand as it entered.  While listening to Rowdy Gaines talk during Kate Ledecky's 400 yesterday he mention how stiff her wrists were at the beginning of the pull.  Using the paddles I could tell my wrists went soft and I bent them in my pull.  Also I heard Rowdy yet again but this time on breathing position with Sun Yang's 400 swim.  So watching swimming on tv is a good thing!

My Progress for Go The Distance 2013
Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    7.02 miles (=12,350 yards, =11,293 meters)
May    7.10 miles (=12,500 yards, =11,430 meters)
Jun    12.10 miles (=21,300 yards, =19,477 meters)
Jul    11.31 miles (=19,900 yards, =18,197 meters)
Total    53.24 miles (=93,700 yards, =85,679 meters)

If I don't swim tomorrow I'll get in Wednesday morning but hopefully I'll get in my lunchtime swim on Tuesday.


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