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One More Swim Workout For July and I'm Done!

Another day and another swim going for four in a row.  This week is a rare week in that I pulled back not only to my normal teaching schedule I gave up a shift of just working on the fitness floor at work.  I needed a break after the last few weeks.  Therefore I have some extra time to go swimming.  Yeah! 

After a good nights sleep I was able to wake up at 6am and get ready to swim.  The pool opens at 7 so I had time to wake up before swimming.  Which I really didn't need to do since the water was around 86F.  At that temp my body was ready to go back to sleep.  Oy!

Warm Up
450 Mixed.  I swam a 200 then pulled a 200 w/o paddles.  Then swam another 50.
3x100's Kick on 2 minutes (I think)
1    1:48.4     100     --:--
2    1:41.3     100     --:--
3    1:46.3     100     --:--
Total warm up 750 Yards

Main Set:

Base intervals were 55 for the 50's and 1:40 for the rest (3:20, 2:30 and 1:40)  The second distance part was faster then the first (200, 150 and 100.)  I did backstroke for all the distance parts and for the 4 and 3 x 50's.  I did free for the 2x50's and last 50.  The water was hot and my body was not working. 
1    :41.9     50     1:23
2    :43.3     50     1:27
3    :42.6     50     1:25
4    :43.9     50     1:28
5    2:49.2     200     1:25
6    2:48.1     200     1:24
1    :40.5     50     1:20
2    :43.4     50     1:27
3    :42.4     50     1:25
4    2:04.7     150     1:23
5    1:57.7     150     1:18
1    :39.7     50     1:19
2    1:20.9     100     1:21
3    1:14.9     100     1:15
4    :43.7     50     1:28
Had some user issues with my Garmin Swim Watch.  Hit the lane line and it seemed to stop or not.  Ugh!  (1400/2150)  My backstroke technique was horrible.  I really was feeling how bad it was.   I'm blaming the lack of swimming and hot water.  I really couldn't get my rotation and my hand entry right.  It was like I was starting my entry and pull about 2/3's of the what it should have been.  Also I just didn't get to deep.  When I tried to rotate and longer stroke and entry it seemed my body would then hit the lane line or move over to the other side of the lane.  It was a messy swim.  At least I descended! Missing_the_markI'm way off my goal pace for 2013 but at least I'm swimming.  Looking at what's good for me is that I did swim more yardage in July then any other month this year so far.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2013
Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    7.02 miles (=12,350 yards, =11,293 meters)
May    7.10 miles (=12,500 yards, =11,430 meters)
Jun    12.10 miles (=21,300 yards, =19,477 meters)
Jul    13.44 miles (=23,650 yards, =21,626 meters)
Total    55.37 miles (=97,450 yards, =89,108 meters)

But down from last year which was -
Jul    17.97 miles (=31,625 yards, =28,918 meters)

Lap by lap I'm slowly coming back.  Not enough to be competing and doing any descent times but I'm feeling a bit better.  Just gotta keep it up.


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