Going The Short Distance To Get To The GTD
Get Speedo Fit with Michael Phelps - Positive Attitude (long version)

Tuesday's Swim Report - So Video Didn't Kill The Swim Star Nor Radio Star

Lane 1 - Sky News posts "Magnussen helped Coutts bounce back.  In a further sign of a revival of team spirit within Australian swimming, Alicia Coutts has revealed James Magnussen played a key role in helping her recover from world championships relay heartbreak.  'I was just in the warm-down pool swimming down and he just said, You did a great job tonight, you should be proud of yourself and don't dwell on it and let it get to you for your finals tomorrow night',' Coutts said.  'It was really nice of him to say that to me."

Lane 2 - Expresso Sport posts "FINA World Championships.  The weekend is upon us and we take a look at our best medal hope for the FINA World Champs, Chad Le Clos! With the South Africa still yet to register a medal in the pools, all eyes will be on the team as they jump straight into the deep end!"

Lane 3 - Yahoo 7 News posts (w/video) "Former Olympic swim star Scott Miller granted bail.  Former Olympic swimming star Scott Miller has been granted bail over alleged drugs charges.  The 38-year-old was jailed after he was allegedly caught with a quantity of methamphetamine, two weeks ago."

Lane 4 - Cult of Mac posts "WaterFi Will Let You Swim Laps With Your iPod Or Nike+ Fuelband [Review].  A Californian company, WaterFi specializes in taking other company’s gadgets and waterproofing them with a dual-coated, patent-pending process. WaterFi’s promise is that their process will make any gadget utterly resistent to even the most through dunking, but how well Christian Sprenger1does it work in practice?"

Lane 5 - Fox Sports posts "Christian Sprenger attributes world championships success to online video research.  CHRISTIAN Sprenger found his sweet spot via YouTube and now he has gone from supermarket shelf stacker to Australia's newest world swimming champion. Sprenger had eyed a potential retirement next year, but having found his "sweet spot" in the art form known as breaststroke, he is prepared to emulate his idol Kosuke Kitajima and swim into his 30s.  Obsessive online video research on Kitajima's stroke and underwater streamline turned Sprenger from a 2011 semi-finalist to Olympic silver medallist last year, and now world champion."

Lane 6 - Orange posts "Britons struggle in Barcelona.   Rob Pavoni was the only British swimmer to progress on a lacklustre morning at the World Championships in Barcelona.  While Pavoni squeaked into the 200 metres butterfly semi-final, Dan Fogg, Ross Murdoch and Ellie Faulkner all failed to negotiate their heats."

Lane 7 - Texas Longhorns posts "Swimmers await FINA World Championships.  First-time qualifier Karlee Bispo joins World Championship veterans Ricky Berens, Michael McBroom and Jimmy Feigen in Barcelona."

Lane 8 - Chicago Tribune posts "Triathlon races to all-time high in U.S. Triathlons, the three-prong running, biking and swimming races, are more popular than ever in the United States and fitness experts say anyone who trains properly can complete one.  Runners hail the triathlon, which offers a whole body, cross training workout, as the new marathon."


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