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Tuesday's Swim Report - How To Use A Pull Bouy And Other Swim Stuff

91F Swim Workout

It really wasn't a swim workout.  I went to the pool, jumped in the water and just barely moved.  I spent more time chatting then I did swimming.  It was that hot!  So I did some 25's and 50's.  I also 91swimonly had around 30 minutes to swim.

Just did a few laps swiming for a 400 yard warm up.  Some swimming and some pulling with lots of stops to talk.

That 75 yard was a 100 IM.  I was going to swim more but then I started chatting again.

Then 100 kick using the swim snorkel.  I just can't get use to that thing.

10x50's pulling on 60. 

That was it.  1,100 yard swimming.  Not a 1,100 workout just 1,100 swimming.  I'll try and wake up early to go swimming at 7am since I don't work in the morning.  But we shall see.


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