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Tribesports: Revolutionizing the sportswear industry @tribesports

Tribesports Performance Sportswear - Kickstarter Launch

We have an exciting update to share. Today we are launching a campaign that will Challenge the $250 million global sportswear market.

We are ripping up the rule book and launching a Performance Sportswear range that will be the same (or better) quality than leading global sports brands, but will be available to real sports people like you and me at up to 40% cheaper.

We received overwhelming feedback from our community that they believed that prices should be reduced by lowering the obscene amount of money spent by brands on advertising and endorsements. In fact over 70% of those questioned said they felt forced to compromise on the quality of the products they buy because of the price. We don't think it should be this way, and we are going to change it.

  •     We are using the exact same designers (ours has designed for Olympic gold medallists), manufacturers, factories and highest quality fabrics and construction methods as the leading sports brands to ensure our products are absolutely top quality.
  •     But, there are no middle men, no physical stores, no multi-million dollar ad campaigns and huge sums of money flowing into the pockets of pros for endorsement and sponsorship.

Here's the thing: we can't do this alone. We need sports people everywhere to come together and get involved, starting with our community, our fantastic online partners such as yourself who have been invaluable in helping this community to grow, develop and thrive, and all of our sports and fitness minded friends, family and followers to make this a reality.
4fa3fb26b5c72a0fa29a5a55646f7cd4_large (2)We have launched our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter and on reaching our £30,000 ($46,000) target we will move the first Tribesports range from final prototype stage into production.


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