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Every Yard Counts Swim Workout

It's almost my manta of late "EVERY YARD COUNTS!"  Hey, it's better then "Any Swim Is Better Than No Swim."  E.Y.C. is actually catching on at least in my visitors to this little blog.  I guess I'm not the only person not on a masters team or swim league who has limited time.  Today's time was limited to 20 minutes.  I really only swam 18 minutes but close enough.

200 easy free swim
200 easy pull NO Paddles
1    2:52.4     200    
2    2:52.6     200    

I then only had time for a quick set.  Since I taught 2 spin classes this morning and gotta go back to work I decided to give the legs a break and pull.

8x100's Pulling w/ Paddles on 1:30
1    1:19.0     100     1:19
2    1:16.2     100     1:16
3    1:16.1     100     1:16
4    1:15.4     100     1:15
5    1:15.5     100     1:16
6    1:15.3     100     1:15
7    1:16.8     100     1:17
8    1:17.0     100     1:17

I was just swimming to swim.  Not thinking of pace or descending.  It was a non-thinking workout.  Just some time in the water to keep swimming.  Hey, every yard counts!

1,200 yards.  Speaking of yards my GTD:
Sep    9.91 miles (=17,450 yards, =15,956 meters)
Total    74.25 miles (=130,675 yards, =119,489 meters)

Now as for my 25 miles by December 25th

Swimming 2.72 miles

Running 0 miles!


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