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Failing A Swim Benchmark Swim Set

I've decided to make my quick and short Wednesday morning swims into "Benchmark" Swim Set Workouts.  By "Benchmark" I mean I'm going to do sets of 10x100's or 5x200's to see where I am in my training.  Sometimes this will be Free sometimes this will be IM or another stroke.  I'll mix it up.  Although after swimming my IM this morning I don't know if I should be doing this.  I'm really slow!

Warm Up

300 Swim.  I know not a whole lot but I only had about 20 minutes to swim.  Not even that as I helped put in one lane line.  Oy!

Main "Benchmark" Set:

3 Rounds -

150 Stroke in IM Order 25 / Free 25.  Think of it as fly, free, back, free, breast and free by 25.  On 2:30

200 IM on 3 minutes.

1    2:09.5     150     1:26
2    2:53.4     200     1:27
3    2:08.1     150     1:25
4    2:52.4     200     1:26
5    2:09.0     150     1:26
6    2:50.5     200     1:25

The 150's were to meant to set technique and do a bit of prep and recovery.  While the 200's were to be fast and descending.  I didn't think I was decending but it looks like I did.  Yeah, the only thing was that my times were slow.  I think I should have been 20 second faster on each one.  I know I didn't get much warm up so maybe sometime when I have more time in 8 weeks I'll do it again but warm up a bit more. 

Total workout 1,350

My 25 By 25 (25 miles by Dec 25th)

Swim 3.494318 miles

Runnning 0 miles.

Well time to head to class.  I'll get to a Swim Report hopefully this afternoon...


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