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Bloomberg: Extreme Diving: Diving Off Cliffs in Wales

Wednesday's Swim Report - I Hereby Offer Jillian Michaels Free Swimming Lesson & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - The Japan News posts "Carrying on an Olympian’s passion for swimming.  Two women are coaching young swimmers in Tokyo and Nagasaki in an effort to pass on the passion for swimming of the late Olympic swimmer Michiko Kihara."

Lane 2 - FINA posts "12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Doha 2014.  The FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) is a five-day competition held every 2 years, where the world comes to witness record-breaking feats and action-packed races with swimming stars from all continents.  The 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) will be staged by Doha (QAT) from December 3-7, 2014."

Lane 3 - Ocala Star Banner posts "Ocala man wins big swim event.  Ocala native Dane Griffin clinched a national swimming championship in the U.S. Masters 2.4-mile open water event last month at Dana Point on the California coast."

Lane 4 - PR Web posts "Former Olympic Medalists Set to Host Most Challenging Open Water Swim in History.  The Fighting Manatees Swim Club, Jon Olsen, and Jeremy Linn host kick off open water swim clinic for grueling Swim Alligator Lighthouse event."

Lane 5 - KPLC 7 posts (w/video) "Olympic medalist making a splash in hopes of saving lives.  We've watched him swim on the world stage and bring home Olympic gold, but that wasn't always the case for Cullen Jones.  "I almost drowned at the age of five. I was with my parents at an amusement park. I was fully supervised - there were lifeguards there and I was still able to go under water. A child can drown in only 20 seconds. And that is really just turning your head," said Jones.  Jones eventually learned to swim and competed in his first meet at the age of 8 years old."

Lane 6 - Yorkshire Post has "Olympic champion inspires the next generation.  IT’S barely six months since she announced her retirement.  But Olympic gold medallist Becky Adlington is far from hanging up her swimming costume for good, and is now set to make a splash with her new learn-to-swim clubs, which were officially launched in Sheffield yesterday."

Lane 7 - British Gas Swimming posts "David Walliams dives in to SwimBritain at Blenheim Palace.  David Walliams waded in for his latest swim challenge joining hundreds of eager swimmers from around the country to take on British Gas SwimBritain at Blenheim Palace's Great Lake. The comic actor joined forces with a host of Olympic and Paralympic swim stars including Keri-anne Payne, Duncan Goodhew, Cassie Patten and Graham Edmunds to encourage the nation to get back in the water this summer."

Lane 8 - TMZ posts (w/video) "Jillian Michaels 'I Guess I Need Cara to Train Me' 'Biggest Loser' Star Hits Back At Co-Star After Triathlon Diss.  This weekend, Michaels returned to Malibu -- where she offered up some brand new excuses for her abysmal showing (bad wet suit, bike problems, a horse?) and vowed to do better in the race next year.  Then, it was open season on Cara."


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