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Wednesday's Swim Report - Be Like A Kid, Swim More!

Quick 25 Minute / 1500 Yard Morning Swim Workout

Ugh!  It's so dark in the morning!  Woke up at 6:10 and debated internally if I should swim or not.  Usaully if this happens I stay home but today I decided to go swimming.  I knew that I can only swim for about 20-30 minutes depending on when they let us in so it'll be a short swim.  No one was really there so I was on my own this morning.  Sorta made up a set in my head and was off.  1230087_10151727635889737_1601392949_nWarm Up

200 Swim

4x50's Pulling NO Paddles on 50 (400)

Main Set:

All pulling with paddles.  Hey, I got to teach 3 spin classes today so no morning legs! 

100 on 1:30

200 on 3:00

300 on 4:30


My goal was to descend or speed up my base pace.

1    1:19.6     100     1:19
2    2:34.4     200     1:17
3    3:41.7     300     1:14
4    4:57.7     400     1:14

Not bad but not great. 

100 cool down to get 1,500 yards in.

Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    7.02 miles (=12,350 yards, =11,293 meters)
May    7.10 miles (=12,500 yards, =11,430 meters)
Jun    12.10 miles (=21,300 yards, =19,477 meters)
Jul    13.44 miles (=23,650 yards, =21,626 meters)
Aug    8.96 miles (=15,775 yards, =14,425 meters)
Sep    6.39 miles (=11,250 yards, =10,287 meters)
Total    70.72 miles (=124,475 yards, =113,820 meters)

Every little yard counts to my GTD.  At least I'm up compared to Feb and March!


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