Thursday's Swim Report - Everyday Is A Swim Carnival
Saturday's Swim Report - Spinning & Swimming With The Best

Friday's Swim Report - Red, White and Speedo

Lane 1 - The Monitor posts "Advice from an Olympian that is golden.  There was a moment during a swim clinic last week in McAllen, given by Olympic gold medalist swimmer Rebecca Soni, that 14-year-old Ina Te will never forget.  Granted, it lasted for all of 30 seconds, but Ina was asked by the two-time gold medalist and world record holder to demonstrate a breaststroke drill for the other 150 young swimmers."

Lane 2 - Speedo UK posts "Speedo Advisors | How to mentally get into the right mindset to achieve swim fitness goal.  How to mentally get into the right mindset to achieve swim fitness goal by Julie Johnston."

Lane 3 - CBS DC posts "Navy Swim Team Recreates Marine Corps Memorial at Bottom of Pool.  ty-eight years later, a photo of the U.S. Naval Academy swimming and diving team paying Navy_flaghomage to the unforgettable moment in a profound and unique way is creating massive buzz on social media."

Lane 4 - ABC News posts "Olympic Swimming Champ Britta Steffen Retires.   Two-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Britta Steffen of Germany has announced her retirement.  The 29-year-old Steffen won the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  She says in a statement Friday that she is ending her career "in the knowledge of being one of the best in the world."

Lane 5 - The Canberra Times posts "Nugent's final word.  Former Australian swimming coach Leigh Nugent has no desire to return to the job.  Former Swimming Australia head coach Leigh Nugent knows coaching jobs ''end up in tears'' and has no desire to return to the job he resigned from in March after a disastrous London Olympic Games."

Lane 6 - The Boston Globe posts "Brandon Bass is diving in.  To help Boys & Girls Club inspire city youths, Celtics forward learning how to swim.  Heading into his third season as a member of the Boston Celtics, Brandon Bass is in top physical shape. At 6-foot-8 and 260 pounds, he is nothing but muscle and can shoot, block, rebound, and steal the ball with the best of them.  But there’s one thing that 6-year-old Brandon Bass Jr. can beat his daddy at: swimming."

Lane 7 - Swim Mac Carolina posts "Coach David Marsh Backstroke Turn Tip.  Here's a great way to work on staying connected into your backstroke turn."

Lane 8 - The Washington Post has "Studio Theatre’s ‘Red Speedo’ tests the waters on a current issue: doping.  Why so much huffing and puffing about performance-enhancing drugs? “Red Speedo,” the new play premiering at the Studio Theatre, wants to know.  “There are people who will never be good at baseball just because of how their bodies are built,” playwright Lucas Hnath (pronounced “Nayth”) said. “So being outraged at performance-enhancing drugs just seems to me to be fundamentally illogical.”  Hnath, a Florida-raised 33-year-old who sometimes swims twice a day, has the longish hair and slow, soft speech of a surfer. He has written a poolside drama about a swimmer who is pretty sure he can’t win if he’s not juiced."


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