Thursday's Swim Report -The Joy Of Swimming
The Unbalanced Race Pace Slow It Down Sunday Swim Workout!

Friday's Swim Report - Tools For Pools and Tools In Pools

Lane 1 - The Post has "Last chance to sign up and watch Olympic swimming stars in action.  OLYMPIC silver medallist Michael Jamieson will be gracing the pool in Bristol next weekend as he lends his support to the British Gas SwimBritain event.  The 25-year-old Glaswegian, who won silver in the 200 metres breaststroke at the London Games, is based at the University of Bath and is making the short trip to Bristol for the big event at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre."

Lane 2 - Arena People posts "Arena Swim Chat - James Magnussen.  Have a question for James? Join the Arena Swim Chat with the Australian sprinter!"

Lane 3 - USA Today Phelps posts "Michael Phelps is sporting a Mark Spitz mustache.  He took his record, now he’s taking his style too.  Michael Phelps is still playing coy about his potential comeback to swimming, but a recent addition to his upper-lip is an indicator he could be making plans to swim in the 1972 Olympics. Phelps was promoting his swim spa in Fort Wayne, Ind. when he unveiled a Mark Spitz-like mustache to the world."

Lane 4 - The Weekend Australian Magazine posts "2004: Ian Thorpe, last lap of the god.  It would take another eight years, and a failed bid to make the Australian team for the London Olympics, before the depth of Thorpe's confusion and misery would reveal itself in the story of his secret, lifelong battle against depression, revealed last November in his autobiography This Is Me.  As I worked with him on the book he reluctantly opened up about the hardest times of his life, confessing that he'd trained for his great victories in 2004 in a haze of covert drinking binges."

Lane 5 - The Guardian posts "Tools for pools.  the latest training aids can help you swim better and faster.  A range of swimwear and training aids will help you make the most of every session. The key to success is choosing products that match your level of fitness and technique."

Lane 6 - Greensboro News & Record posts "Greensboro officials optimistic on 2016 Olympic diving trials."

Lane 7 - Indiana News Center posts (w/video) "Legendary Olympic Swimmer Visits Fort Wayne.   The most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, visited Fort Wayne Thursday.  The legendary Olympic swimmer's 'Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa' is manufactured in Fort Wayne at Master Spas. Thursday he toured their facility, and 21 Alive had the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about his future."

Lane 8 - The Australian posts "This (lap lane) life.  I AM not a strong swimmer. Nor am I a particularly fast one. But I have been swimming laps for more than 30 years.  I didn't start out as a schoolkid getting up at the crack of dawn, with a sleepy parent driving me to the pool, in the hope of an Olympic career. Like most Australian children, I learned to swim but I had an uncoordinated style and lacked confidence to move efficiently through the water, becoming breathless after a short time."


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