Monday's Swim Report - Every Month Is Go Swim Month
Tuesday's Swim Report - Tune In To Super Swim Sunday To See What A Warrior Swimmer Looks Like

40 Minute Freestyle Pace Swim Workout.

Ahh…what to swim? I'm always looking at my past swim workouts and Joe's swim workouts LINK but when I get to the pool just swim what I know or modified of what I've done recently.  Since I consider myself a "distance swimmer" I figure as I get back into swim shape I should work on my distance pace.  Luckily on Sunday the swim gang and I did a somewhat distance set LINK.  Today I modified it.

Warm Up
Mixed 600 yards (350 Swim / 250 Pull.  It was accidental as I lost track of what I was swimming.)
8x50's on 60 alternating 50 kick and 50 drill.  I used fins.  (400/1000)

Main Set:
400 Free setting pace
2x200's Free try to descend
4x100's Free try to descend.
The base interval was 1:30 so 6 minutes, 3 minutes and 1:20. (1200/2200)
1    5:16.3     400     1:19
2    2:33.9     200     1:17
3    2:31.5     200     1:16
4    1:14.1     100     1:14
5    1:13.7     100     1:14
6    1:11.5     100     1:11
7    1:09.2     100     1:09

So 2,200 yards in about 40 minutes.  That included breaks in between sets.  There was NO extra rest during the main set.  Now I know my times weren't fast or anything but I felt better in the water this morning.  Of course it's only Tuesday and I've had an easy Monday.  On Monday I taught only 1 60 minute spin class and 1 30 minute spin class.  I gave up my evening class to show support to a new instructor and go to Centergy (a yoga and pilates inspired workout.)  Also I let someone teach my two early morning classes today.  So I was able to swim.  When I was done swimming would have been when I was done teaching my two classes.  It was nice sleeping into 6am!  I could get use to that!

It looks like USMS GTD is down right now so I'll update later. 

25 Miles By December 25th:

Swim 6.136363 Miles

Run 0 Miles

I set my alarm for 5am to run before swimming but never got that done!  Oy!  Maybe tomorrow, year right! 


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