Monday's Swim Report - Swimming Isn't Everything, Oh Wait, It Is
Tuesday's Swim Report - Swim Safer & Other Swim Bits

30 Minutes To The Leg Cramps Swim Workout

My legs!  In case you didn't know I teach spin classes, many spin classes every week.  I teach 6 one hour and 6 thirty minute spin classes each week.  That and I also sub teaching other classes both spinning and other fitness classes.  So my legs from time to time get a bit fatigued.  So it didn't come as a shock to me when my legs started to cramp up when I attempted to swim.  Hey, I taught 1 one hour and 1 thirty minute class this morning. 

Warm Up

400 Swim

400 Pull

300 Kick.  Well it was broken as I cramped up pushing off the wall after the first 75 yards.  I worked out the cramps and continued kicking but taking it slow.  The cramps were in both of my hamstrings.  Not good!

4x75's Puling on 1:15

That was it.  I called it a day. 1,400 yards in 30 minutes.  At least I got in a swim.  Haven't swam in a week.  Hopefully I can swim tomorrow if not Thursday.  Although it's going to be 38F on Thursday morning, brrrr!  Haven't been swimming much at all.

Nov    7.50 miles (=13,200 yards, =12,070 meters)

Ugh!  Friday I'm teaching 5 different classes Spinning, Core, Bootcamp and more spinning.  So no swimming on Friday.  Might sleep in on Saturday to recover.


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