Saturday's Swim Report - Holly Dogpaddle! Texas, Only Steers and Fast Swimmers Come From Texas
Sunday's Swim Report - When Lungs Burn & Other Swim Bits

The All New Adventures Of Flipper Man & Other Sad Swim Workout Tales

Wahoo!  I swam again, slow and bad but I swam.  Now mind you a might have a had a glass or two of wine last night so I overslept and really didn't feel like swimming but I forced myself to the pool.  I brought my new swim "toys" tools and did a mixed 600 warm up.  I swam with paddles and sometimes with fins.  Just to get a feel for the new toys.   Once the swim gang arrived we did an easy warm up set.

8x50's 4 Kick then 4 Drill/Swim.  I used my flippers for all of them.  The other week I received Sporti Training Swim Fins (Color)  from and I gotta say I'm loving them.  I'll be doing a full review in two weeks but so far I'm turning my hate for all things kicking to a love affair.  (400/1000)

Now the worst part of swimming...breaststroke.

8x100's Alternating Backstroke and Breaststroke by 100!  OUCH! 

1    1:26.6     100     1:27
2    1:42.8     100     1:43
3    1:25.2     100     1:25
4    1:38.0     100     1:38
5    1:23.6     100     1:24
6    1:39.3     100     1:39
7    1:24.9     100     1:25
8    1:40.7     100     1:41

Those times are sad but I gotta remember I haven't been swimming at all.  And I had to swim Breaststroke.  That last 100 I was falling apart.  Ouchie!  But I did it.  (800/1,800)

Then 6x50's on 1:20 Back/Breast.  Odd's push the back / Even's push the breast.

1    :44.1     50     1:28
2    :44.4     50     1:29
3    :42.9     50     1:26
4    :45.7     50     1:32
5    :42.3     50     1:25
6    :45.8     50     1:32

That was it for me at least.  (300/2100)  I really need to make a point of swimming more.  Now that I'm loving my new fins I can even kick a bit more.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2013
Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    7.02 miles (=12,350 yards, =11,293 meters)
May    7.10 miles (=12,500 yards, =11,430 meters)
Jun    12.10 miles (=21,300 yards, =19,477 meters)
Jul    13.44 miles (=23,650 yards, =21,626 meters)
Aug    8.96 miles (=15,775 yards, =14,425 meters)
Sep    12.07 miles (=21,250 yards, =19,431 meters)
Oct    3.24 miles (=5,700 yards, =5,212 meters)
Nov    2.10 miles (=3,700 yards, =3,383 meters)
Total    81.75 miles (=143,875 yards, =131,559 meters)

At the very least I gotta swim a bit more to beat March.  I mean 4,400 yards in a month?  WTF that is like one old swim workout.  Oh well at least I'm swimming something.



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