Friday's Swim Report - Make A Splash in 2014 & Other Swim Bits
Sunday's Swim Report - One Can Never Swim Too Far

2008 Era Swim Workout*

2014 makes it my third year of bitching about the lack of swim time and saying "at least I'm swimming".  Today I headed to the pool knowing I'd be on my own and just wanted to get in some laps.  Nothing too fast or hard.  Not that fast or hard is even possible for me right now.  

I thought it was going to be a cooler then it was this morning so I put on my old FINIS legging tech suit* and headed to the pool.  I got to the pool and just goofed off for most of my swim time.

300 Warm Up Swim
150 Pull no Paddles
200 Kick

Main Set:
7x100's Pulling w/ Paddles on 1:30
1    1:18.8     100     1:19
2    1:15.0     100     1:15
3    1:14.1     100     1:14
4    1:12.5     100     1:13
5    1:11.1     100     1:11
6    1:09.2     100     1:09
7    1:08.0     100     1:08
Why 7 and not 8 or 10?  Well my goal was 10 but I really hit the wall on the last one.  Since this isn't my only workout today I decided to call it quits.  I was feeling strong and I did descend them but at 1:08 my body was  like "NO MORE".  I got a weight training thing in a few hours so once again "at least I swam."

I cooled down a 50.  Total yards 1,400.  I'm lucky I got to 1,400 as my swedes nose strip broke.  Then I couldn't find my other pair of goggles.  So I had to some repairs quickly by taking part of the head strap and biting it off to make a nose strap.  Then I realized when I got to kick that I didn't have my fins.  I checked the lost and found and didn't find them.  I don't see either of them at home.  So guess I'll be going back to my Zoomers, ugh, I'll stop kicking.  As for goggles I have one last extra pair at home.  Time to stock up on Swedes and extra straps. 

At least I had my old tech suit to keep my legs all floatie!  With the suit and my pull bouy my legs had a day off! 

My Go The Distance 2014 Progress

2.19 miles swum (=3,850 yards, =3,520 meters).
47.81 miles (= 84,150 yards, = 76,947 meters) to next milestone (50 miles milestone).

I set my goal for 2014 at a low 100 miles.  Hey, I didn't make it in 2013.   Less wine, more swim!  Although the pool is closed starting tomorrow for two weeks so I won't be swimming much if at all.


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