Friday's Swim Report - Michael Phelps Get's Busted & Other Swim Bits
Monday's Swim Report - The Swimmer, That Swimmer & All Other Swim Bits

Sunday's Swim Report - Even More Reasons To Start Swimming Today & Other Swi Bits

Lane 1 - US Masters Swimming posts "MonoMermaid. The Olympic champion’s other breathless aquatic adventures.  In addition to Hyman’s career as an elite swimmer, she also moonlighted as a Finswimmer. Finswimming is a nontraditional form of swimming with a monofin that gained some traction in the late 1990s but never really took off in the United States."

Lane 2 - Maurice Lacroix posts "James Magnussen, YOUR TIME IS NOW.  Discover what drives our brand ambassador James Magnussen to reach the top as 100m freestyle world champion during an interview by the Swiss waters.  YOUR TIME IS NOW."

Lane 3 - PopSugar posts "10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now! From toning your core to speeding up your metabolism, there are several reasons why you should consider swimming your new Barracuda-christos-tsiolkasgo-to form of exercise all year long."

Lane 4 - Fay Observer posts "How Fayetteville people realized their fitness goals.  
How she did it: As a competitive swimmer, weight wasn't an issue for Katie Randolph, right, when she was growing up.  It was only after she had her first baby that her problems started, she said.  Her first pregnancy resulted in a 70-pound weight gain, Randolph said, pounds that were hard to shed.  About four months later, a friend talked her into joining a gym, and they began a workout plan together."

Lane 5 - London Evening Standard posts "Swimming on waves of rage through a tide of vitriol.  Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas (Atlantic Books, £12.99)"

Lane 6 - Loudoun Times posts "Olympic medalist swimmer Torres visits Foxcroft.  Dara Torres enjoyed immense success and longevity as a competitive swimmer. The 12-time Olympic medalist shared her story with Foxcroft students and faculty Jan. 8 during a visit to the Middleburg school."

Lane 7 - Maurice Lacroix posts "James Magnussen cover shoot with Fitness First Magazine.  Don't miss exclusive moments of James Magnussen's cover shoot with Fitness First magazine!"

Lane 8 - Perth Now posts "Meet the WA scientists racing to stop fatal shark attacks.    AS WA's new bait-and-kill shark measure starts this week, PETER LAW looks at how WA scientists are in a technology race to make our beaches safer.  The project is led by Winthrop Professor Mohammed Bennamoun, who previously used cameras to analyse the movements of Australian Olympic swimmers."


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