Thursday's Swim Report - Best Stroke Forward & Other Swim Bits
2008 Era Swim Workout*

Friday's Swim Report - Make A Splash in 2014 & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - Lancaster Guardian posts "Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington takes New Year dip at Carnforth pool."

Lane 2 - TRX Training posts "Make A Splash In 2014.  Natalie Coughlin shares her tips on time management to help you make 2014 awesome. Get more healthy tips for the new year from Natalie and TRX at"

Lane 3 - TribLIVE posts "Greensburg's Kuzmkowski logs more than 2,000 miles in pool.  John Kuzmkowski has accomplished something he does not expect to repeat as a member of the U.S. Masters Swimming Go the Distance program at the Greensburg YMCA.  Kuzmkowski, 59, logged 2,215.63 miles in 2013, the most of all participants reported nationwide so far."

Lane 4 - WSAV posts "Chatham Aquatic Center Finalist to Win Visit from Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones.  Here's your chance to help the Chatham County Aquatic Center make a splash of Olympic proportions. All you have to do is like the facility's picture on the USA Swimming Foundation Facebook page. The foundation recently released its 5 finalists for its "Win a Visit from Cullen Jones Contest" and Chatham County is on the list."

Lane 5 - Trinidad Express posts "George Bovell Clinic set for next week.  World Championship bronze medallist George Bovell is keen to give back to young swimmers and impart key competition skills, and will be doing so with three swim clinics and a coaches symposium, free of charge from January 9-11.   The title of the event is the George Bovell Dive In Free Swim Clinic."

Lane 6 - Daily Express posts "The waterbike workout: Can hydro-spinning tone my thighs?  WITH Pippa Middleton giving the 'waterbike' a whirl, our intrepid reporter tries out Hydrofit, the exercise routine that feels like cycling in the bath."

Lane 7 - Team USA posts "Michael Phelps | Great Moments In Team USA History.  Relive the six medals won at the 2012 London Olympic Games that made Michael Phelps the most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 22 medals."

Lane 8 - US Masters Swimming posts "Mighty Monofin.  Training with a monofin can propel you to greater strength and speed.  FINIS Founder and CEO, John Mix has been a fan of the monofin for quite some time. Mix had been a professional water polo player and he'd first encountered the monofin in Europe. Upon his return to the U.S., he launched FINIS and made the monofin its first product."


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