Wednesday's Swim Report - Give Me Swimmers, Divers & More Swim Bits
Sunday's Swim Report - Grab On To Your Swimming Togs & Other Swim Bits

Post-Swimcation Workout

It wasnt as much as a swimcation or a vacation but time out from swimming.  21 days without swimming or 3 weeks.  The pool was closed for two weeks then I was sick with a cold for the last week.  Went swimming on my own since I'm still coughing a little.  On Sunday's the pool is empty around 12pm during the winter months even on a nice 70F day. 

Swam 3x100's very easy and very slow. 

Ouchie!  Now I've been at work teaching spin classes with a cold but havn't done any upper body at all in the last week.  Boy did my arms and chest feel the swimming.   Since I havn't done any upper body the next set was killer even if it was easy.

10x50's Pulling on 60.  With Paddles.

1    :40.7     50     1:21
2    :39.8     50     1:20
3    :40.5     50     1:21
4    :39.9     50     1:20
5    :41.8     50     1:24
6    :40.2     50     1:20
7    :40.6     50     1:21
8    :37.5     50     1:15
9    :41.3     50     1:23
10    :42.4     50     1:25

No records there.  I was just going easy.  Felt good for a few 50's then I started to cough during my rest periods.  That's when my last two I slowed up again.

I finished with a 200 kick to round up to 1,000 yards and called it a day.  I was coughing or barking pretty loud.  I decided that was enough.   My goal is to get back in the water Wednesday mornning since as of now I have nothing on my cal before 11am.  Then I'll try again on Saturday.   I'm going to try to make it Sun, Wed and Sat my swim days for now.  That'll change but let's just say for Feb that is my swim goal.  3 Days a week and try to make Sunday the long swim day.

My Go The Distance is just sad, Jan2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters). 


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