Round 1 - Nutri-Grain Ironman & Ironwoman Series 2013-2014 Tech Talk Features Fins

Tuesday's Swim Report - Adlington & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - Go Swim posts "Freestyle - Building a Longer Stroke.  If you want to create effective changes in a swimmer, it takes time. Using the Tempo Trainer can help that long term change."

Lane 2 - Metro posts "Swimmer Harry Needs: How to improve your water fitness on land.  Rebecca Adlington coached Metro’s Vicki-Marie Cossar to swim a mile in open water but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to fly to the Caribbean for a lesson with an Olympian.  Here, Adlington’s fiancé and fellow swimming coach in the Caribbean, Harry Needs, explains how to swim better with the help of land-based circuit training.  Professional butterfly swimmer Needs is also a qualified personal trainer. ‘I spend six hours exercising a day and that includes gym and pool time,’ he says. ‘Pre-season I use circuit training to get fit. This is a form of body conditioning or resistance training and it targets strength and muscular endurance.’"

Lane 3 - Speedo UK posts "Speedo Advisors | How to use swimming as a proactive way to achieve injury prevention by Matt Taylor."

Lane 4 - Metro posts "Just an ordinary swimming lesson. With Rebecca Adlington. In the Caribbean.  The Swim Palm Island Workshop is free to guests staying at the Palm Island resort in the Grenadines. It’s being run by former world record holder Adlington and her fiancé, Harry Needs, who’s hoping to compete in the 100m butterfly at Rio 2016. ‘I love the fact I can pass on my knowledge to help someone improve their skills,’ says Adlington. ‘Swimming is a life skill. A lot of people forget that. No one should die from drowning in this day and age.’"


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