Round 4 - Men's Highlights - Nutri-Grain Ironman Series 2013-2014
Swim In The Wake of Swim Bits

Another 30 Minute Swim Workout & Swim Paddles

Well at least I got in a little swim.  Hopefully I'll obey my alarm in the morning and go swimming.  LittleswimWednesday is the only weekday I can make it to the pool.  But since it was my one day to sleep in I usally sleep in.  But I need to get back into swimming.  I felt great swimming today even if I was slow.  Mind you I only swam 1,400 yards but at least I swam!

Warm Up:

200 Swim

200 Pull

200 Kick. 

I then did 50's pulling, ugh!  Normally I love pulling but my Strokemaker Paddle tubbing has fallen apart so I had to pull out a pair of Sporti Paddles.  Before I trash them let me just say I love Sporti products and the only pair of fins I wear are Sporti.  The Sporti Swim Paddles II are my least favorite pair of paddles I've owned.  I've never been a fan of the paddles that are curved in shape and make the hand a cup.  Also something about the hand entry makes me go deep almost right away.  It could be my stroke but I have a hard time reaching out "over the barrel" and getting my catch.  At times it's almost like my middle finger floats away from the paddle.  Once again it could be my stroke but I prefer Strokemakers.

Main Set:

12x50's Pulling w/ Paddles on 60.

1    :43.4     50     1:26
2    :41.8     50     1:24
3    :43.3     50     1:27
4    :43.0     50     1:26
5    :41.3     50     1:23
6    :42.7     50     1:25
7    :41.7     50     1:23
8    :42.8     50     1:26
9    :42.2     50     1:25
10    :42.0     50     1:24
11    :41.4     50     1:23
12    :44.7     50     1:30

Yeah, I know slow! 

I then kicked a 200 easy.  Making it and easy 1,400 yards in 30 minutes. 


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